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Client Version 165 after update | Its a joke?

Offline holyexg

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I got the new Eclipse client, and when I try to enter it from the screen appears. As you may have the old client when just downloaded the new one? Can anybody help me? Because honestly it looks like a bad joke.

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open the folder where you saved the game, go to the"patcher" folder and double click the "patcher.exe" file.

let us know if it worked please.

Offline holyexg

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Nothing happens

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Coz u dont have new client. At least not in these SS.


Yeah, this isn't the new client. Either you never downloaded it or you are opening the wrong one.

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Offline holyexg

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I'm donwloaded the new version(by torrent) on this page: http://epicpw.com/index.php?page=download... how is possible that i was wrong? 

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I'm donwloaded the new version(by torrent) on this page: http://epicpw.com/index.php?page=download... how is possible that i was wrong?
The client you have in that picture is the New Horizon Client. Maybe you accidentally saved the new client in the same place as the old client and opening the wrong client.

Since you downloaded it by torrent make sure you extract the new client in a completely different folder and location on your pc from the old client and try to load it again as the old client and the new client have the same file names so its easy to get them confused or mixed up with each other unless you launch it.

The Eclipse launcher/patcher should look like this:


Offline holyexg

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Im try it, thanks.  This is so weird.

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I really wish it was a joke
these hoes aint shit