Epic Perfect World

Some things that aren't working/missing

Not sure where to put this, but I noticed a couple of things that I thought were getting fixed before this went live, but still aren't :)

1) Missing new Veno pet(s)? No Corgi, even? :(

2) Sincerity Pack (Wedding Quest Reward) says 'Insufficient Level' even though I'm level 125 SB. Same for DB as that's what my hubby is :)

3) I was under the impression that the 2015 Xmas Scythes were going to be able to be used by SBs as that's their 'weapon' but I can't equip it, Same for the weapon skins U can but from the weapon fashion people.

If I discover anything else, I will add it to this :) 

Offline Agatio

  • Hi.
1. I decided to not introduce these pets for now, because they weren't fully ready skill and stat wise. They will arrive to the server with patch that will contain quite more veno pets though ;)

2. Sincerity pack currently requires level 140 to open due to its reward.

3. Right now they are available for other classes and it wouldn't be fair to take it away from them imho. Sadly it's not possible for same weapon to work for all magic classes, unless I made a separate version for SB only.
I'll be looking forward to that patch :)

Thanks :)