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Information was pulled from multiple references and in-game testing. If anything is wrong, please PM it to me and I will gladly look into it.
Thread will be locked to avoid spam, please post questions/problems/hype in the announcement thread: here

For detailed information on certain new features, refer to the navigation below.

Patch Notes | Nightshade | Gift of the Riptide | Star Charts  | Heavenfall Temple | Title Quest Chains | Minor Changes

Main game updates:
* New classes: Duskblade and Stormbringer! The Duskblade is a fast melee class that can string together combos, while the Stormbringer is an arcane class with ability to cast skills while moving
* New feature: Star Charts! These mystical items will allow you to further increase your stats. Talk to Light Emperor Alexander in Kirin Town to get started!  guide
* The second part of the Primal World has been unlocked with frozen Luneska and aquatic Riptide areas to discover! Completing their quests will award you with Flowsilver Coins and Star Chart related elements.
* New title quest chains have been added - guide
* New starting zone: Celestial Vale! Newly created characters will now have opportunity to do low level quests and progress the game slowly (like on retail server) or use the Level Scroll from their bag to level instantly to 110.

Instance related:
* Heavenfall Temple is now open! This single-player dungeon is located in the skies above the Heavenly Music Pavilion in Lothranis. Challenge the 108 floors of the temple for power as well as prestige - guide  and  video 1 |  video 2.
* Flowsilver Palace Judgment Mode! If you're looking for a challenge and new rewards, try this new mode, which will also feature a new boss after defeating Tyrant Prince.

Game functionality improvements:
* New game UI has been introduced
* The Skills interface has been updated. Instead of travelling to skill trainer NPCs to learn new skills, you can learn them directly from the Skills window (by pressing R hotkey).
* Faction Mail has been added. Faction members with a rank of Marshal or higher can send mail to all members of their Faction. Money and items cannot be attached to Faction Mail.
* When facing a Faction that controls more territories than your own in Territory Wars, you will now gain a buff that increases your Defense Level proportional to the difference in territories. If the difference is particularly high, it will increase Attack Level as well.
* Size of Safe and Cupboard has been increased to 96 slots; size of Pet Bag increased to 20. Just use Extension Stone from God's Giving to unlock it.
* Supreme Celestial Schism introduced - when switching to opposite cultivation, all the skills will also convert to their corresponding levels.
* Nation Wars has now additional ranking options.
* Added an option to display dead and high-scoring players in chat.
* Faction Rename Stone is now available in the Points Shop.

Quest related:
* Quest tracker has been improved with three new functions:
1. show you the quest objective on the map; 2. send a message over Squad (or Normal) Chat with your quest progress; 3. remove quest from the tracker
* A new Mission Location Display button has been added to the world map. Clicking it will show the locations of all currently tracked quests.
* Added Active Points system which will allow to automatically complete daily quests. Active Points can be earned by completing various daily quests.
* Autumn Harbinger daily quests introduced

Custom changes:
* Attributes of Star Charts have been modified to ensure proper balance, aptitude capped at 5 and starshifting option removed
* Starglade Chest can be obtained from: Dark Emperor's Fate StarChart quest, Astral Sky prize chest, This War o' Mine daily quest, FSP Judgment mode
* Meridian has been reworked for better balance
* Heavenfall Temple rewards and mob difficulty adjusted to the server standards
* Rewards of Primal quests have been updated to match the server standards
* Perfect Element reward system modified for better balance
* Warsong Medals can be now exchanged into Genie Exp Cubes at Watcher of the Earth
* Nuema is now free to upgrade; chests can be found at God's Giving
* Added Nightshade Morai skills to Universe Chests, in addition the Chest will now have 100% chance to grant a skill book for a random class.
* Added flights and weapon fashion for new classes
* Custom title sets have been added for easier tracking of all the new title chains
* Rare Flight Tokens were renamed to Flight Tokens; Old Flight Tokens have been removed from game
* Lunar Bounty Hunter quest has been replaced with AEU
* Mini-map size increased

Coming in future:
* New dungeon: Quicksand Maze.
* The Dragons' Conquest faction PvP event.

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Patch Notes | Nightshade | Gift of the Riptide | Star Charts  | Heavenfall Temple | Title Quest Chains | Minor Changes

"Created by the son of Pan Gu, the Reapers once guarded the Celestial Vale. Bound to the life of the Divine Child, they defended him until he was mortally wounded in battle. With the last of his strength, the Divine Child freed the Reapers from his service and sent them to Perfect World. Now known as the Nightshades, they draw upon the power of the moon to battle evil in all its forms."

Nightshade is the brand new race coming to EPW! With them comes new mechanics, features, and of course two new classes: Duskblade and Stormbringer.
If you're having trouble, you can get started here, all Nightshade Skills are listed below. You can quickly compare Sage and Demon differences to see which you would like best. Don't be afraid to try them both out, you can always change your mind later!

Sage Skills | Demon Skills
Φ Primal Sage Skills | Ω Primal Demon Skills | Σ Both Cultivations

"Swift and Dangerous combatants, they turn melee combat into a deadly dance with their Sabers."
                         Duskblades take advantage of a new skill combination feature, some skills are only available if used after certain skills.
                                 Make sure you try them all out to see which ones you like best!
             If you see a Duskblade, watch out for their teleports or you might end up paralyzed!
Note: Demon Spark for Duskblades gives crit, not attack rate.

"Wielders of ice and thunder magic, they use their scythes to channel raging storms against their foes."
                              Stormbringers are the most mobile class yet, some of their skills are usable while in motion! Don't forget to stack up
                                        thunder and ice orbs to buff up your skills or give them new effects!
              If you see a Stormbringer, don't run away, you'll only end up hurting yourself!

How to get Gift of the Riptide
After getting Mirage Sky X, talk to Astral Sky Envoy Zhou to break through to Astral Sky I.
Use Vitae Pill to get Astral Sky X, then talk to Shifting Sky Envoy Yara, repeat the process to level to Shifting Sky X.

Once done, talk to [NPC] Image of Althea and accept Not-So-Silent Sea

  • Talk to Light Emperor Alexander
  • Accept They Came from the Depths
  • Kill 5 Shoka Vanguard, return to Alexander
  • Accept Reporting for Duty
  • Talk to Fleet Commander Corcoran
  • Accept Survey the Battle
  • Bird's Eye View, fly to (428, 535)
  • Talk to Fleet Commander Corcoran
  • Accept Securing the Command Ship
  • Shoka Raiders, kill 5 Shoka Raiders
  • Talk to Fleet Commander Corcoran
  • Fire All Guns! Fire the Saker Cannon
  • Talk to Fleet Commander Corcoran
  • Accept Battle Reports
  • Chasing the Wavechaser, talk to Wavechaser Captain Deadeye
  • Reclaim the Report, Kill Shoka Hunters aboard the Wavechaser to retrieve the Wavechaser Report
  • Talk to Wavechaser Captain Deadeye
  • Accept Exploring the Explorer
  • Talk to Explorer Captain Rackstraw
  • Accept Battle Flag of the Explorer
  • Raise the Explorer's flag
  • Talk to Fleet Commander Corcoran
  • Accept A Mysterious Corpse
  • Harvest the Mysterious Corpse for the Sealed Message Tube
  • Talk to Fleet Commander Corcoran
  • Accept Under the Sea
  • Seaward Village, talk to Seaward Chief Wavelance

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Patch Notes | Nightshade | Gift of the Riptide | Star Charts  | Heavenfall Temple | Title Quest Chains | Minor Changes

Everything in the universe is ordered, like the stars. If someone grasps the movement of the stars and rearranges them as he wants, he can gain great power from it.

Star Charts are an equip item that give you bonus stats, depending on your luck!
To receive your first Star Chart, you need to reach Arcane Sky I. Afterwards talk to Light Emperor Alexander and accept the quest "Dark Emperor's Fate StarChart - Meet the Light Emperor"

Once you accept the quest you receive a few items:

  • 1 StarGlade Chest
  • 5 Astrobana Pearls
  • 5 Nebula Dust Orbs
  • 5 Starseeker Powder
  • 2 Perfect Elements ( bonus! )

The StarGlade Chest contains a randomized Star Chart, right-click to open it and receive your first Chart! Star Charts have an icon and name based on what class you are, this is just a visual change, so don't panic! Now you right-click the Chart to equip it.

Now you may not have gotten stats on it that you would like, but that's okay, you can change it as much as you want! You just need to reroll it from the Star Chart window, to access it just click on the star below the Meridian button( person ) in your inventory:

Or if you prefer, you can use the buttons in the bottom-right of your window:

Now to use the rest of your Star Chart items that you received from the quest! Below is the Star Chart window you will be using to try to maximize your stats:

1. These are your Starpoints, this shows which ones you have activated. The five center points are Birthstars, the outer points are Fatestars. The values of the attributes you gain from them are dependent on their aptitude. Fatestar aptitude is based on the Birthstars adjacent to them, so Fatestars have higher aptitude and therefore higher attribute values.
Keep in mind the aptitude for Birthstars has been capped to 5, so the Starpoint aptitudes cannot be raised.

2. This is your Star Charts level, the cap for this is 50. Leveling your Chart raises the values for the attributes on it, just as higher aptitude does. You only need 5 Astrobana Pearls to max out a single Star Chart. Or you can use another Star Chart to raise levels if you wish.

3. Normally Astral Energy decided how many attributes you could possibly receive on a Star Chart, but the attribute amount has been capped so this is irrelevant. In any case, if you reroll your attributes enough you will reach the cap level of 10.

4. Here it lists the attributes your Star Chart currently has. The amount of attributes has been capped to 7, you will always have this amount.
Possible attributes include:

  • HP
  • Accuracy
  • Evasion
  • Physical Resistance
  • Magic Resistance
  • Physical Attack
  • Magic Attack
  • Physical Penetration - reduces the enemy's physical defense by x%
  • Magic Penetration - reduces the enemy's magic defense by x%

5. Astral Infusion is how you will be leveling your Star Chart, click the button and your cursor will be changed into a gourd, you will then need to click on Astrobana Pearls or another Star Chart in your inventory. Again, this will raise your attribute values and the max level is 50.

6. Horoscope is how you will be rerolling your attributes. This changes the attribute type, and attribute position. This requires you to have Nebula Dust Orbs. When rolling, there is a chance for one of your Birthstars to change position into a third Fatestar, which means 3 attributes can have higher values instead of the more common 2.

You can have the Horoscope auto-roll for you, but since our attributes are capped it is likely a useless feature for its intended purpose. However if you wish to save your mouse buttons, you can use it so you don't have to click as much. Just set the minimum strings to 8 and the max rolls to whatever number you wish. It will then do rolls for you at a semi-slow pace so you have time to cancel if you see attributes you like.

7. Stargazing does one thing, which is change the position of your attributes. Your attributes will remain intact, unlike when using Horoscope. So if you got attributes you like, but did not get specific attributes on Fatestars or did not get 3 Fatestars, you can try to fix them with this. You need Starseeker Powder to use this feature.

8. Due to Astrospira Pearls being removed, and aptitude having a cap, this button is useless.

Ways to get Star Chart-related items

Starglade Chest can be obtained from: Dark Emperor's Fate StarChart quest, Astral Sky prize chest, This War o' Mine quest, FSP Judgment mode
Star Chart items:  FSJ, FSP Coins exchange, Primal World dailies (and main quest chains), Heavenfall temple
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Patch Notes | Nightshade | Gift of the Riptide | Star Charts | Heavenfall Temple | Title Quest Chains | Minor Changes

Heavenfall Temple is a new solo-dungeon available in Lothranis, near the Heavenly Music Pavillion.
Or you can talk to the Illusion Stone.

This dungeon has a lot of unique aspects to it, separating it from others. Here are the rules as told by [NPC] Bodhisattva of Light:

  • This is a single-player dungeon. You must fight through all 108 levels by yourself.
  • You have one week to complete the dungeon. Heavenfall Temple resets every Wednesday at 7:00am.
  • You can leave and return any time you like without losing progress.
  • The order in which the levels appear is randomized. Each time you enter you will face a new challenge.
  • After you have beaten a level and collected the reward, you can bring up the level selection menu using the button in the upper-left.
  • In the level selection menu, the highlighted marks indicate that you have beaten the level, the grayed-out marks mean that you have not beaten the level. You can select any unlocked level to play it again. By default you will enter the newest unlocked level.
  • Each level is timed. Once you have beaten a level you can view your time on the reward screen.
  • For each level you beat, you will get item and point rewards. The item reward for each can only be acquired once per week, but you can retry a level repeatedly for additional points.
  • The item reward can be collected at the end-level reward screen. The higher the levels you beat, the better the items you will get.
  • Going offline or leaving the dungeon won't forfeit your rewards. You can collect available rewards at any time.
  • However, retrying a level, or going to a different one, will forfeit any unclaimed rewards for that level for the week.
  • Points earned when beating a level is based on your performance. They can be spent to gain buffs while in Heavenfall Temple.

There are six Celestial Ascensions, or "petals", in Heavenfall. Each of them has 18 floors, totaling to 108 floors. Floors 1-8 and 10-17 for each petal are picked randomly from certain Challenges. If you fail a Challenge and restart a floor, it can be rolled into a different Challenge, however you will only need to complete one of each Challenge type before each boss floor. Meaning if you only have one Challenge type incomplete and one floor left, you will always do that type if you fail the floor.
Floors 9 and 18 for each petal are boss floors, the bosses you will face depend on which Celestial Ascension, or petal, you are at.

In Heavenfall charms do not work, so certain classes may struggle. Make sure you utilize your skills, genies and pots to give yourself an easier time.
If you are still having problems, don't be afraid to buy the buffs they provide you with! To buy these buffs you need to have points, which are given to you each time you complete a room.
An easy way to stack up points is to repeat the first or tenth floor of a petal. The reason for this is when repeating floors, it pulls Challenges based on which you have already completed. So if you do the first floor and no other floor, if repeated, it will always be the same Challenge. And due to the tenth floor being the first floor of that boss bracket, the same rule applies. In order to buy buffs, you simply click on the double arrow next to the floor selector, some can be stacked multiple times. Your buffs can be changed at any time if you need different ones for specific room types, you simply reset them and redistribute your points. If you leave the instance completely and come back you will need to buy your buffs again.

Buffs you can obtain:
- Increase physical and magic attack by 5000 x20
- Increase physical defense by 3000 x20
- Increase elemental resistance by 3000 x20
- Increase maximum health by 2000 x20
- Grants invincibility for 15 sec, 5 min CD
- Restores health over 30 sec, 1 min CD
- Reduces incoming damage by 60% for 30 sec, 5 min CD
- Increases attack range by 20 meters for 20 sec, 5 min CD
- Increase attack levels by 30 x20
- Increase defense levels by 10 x20

If you would prefer to watch a video guide, here is one by Rannie:

Challenge Floors

  • Believers
Three groups of mobs will spawn on this floor, you need to kill specific ones in the groups in order to finish the floor. Each group contains 1 Monk, 2 Servants and 1 Follower. If you kill the Follower, you will fail, so don't use AOE skills for this. Killing Servants before Monks empowers them, so kill Monks first if they become a problem. Kill the Monks and Servants and you will be done.

  • Calamity
The goal of the floor is to kill the boss before the NPC its attacking dies. The boss will give himself an immunity buff that you will need to remove by standing in or walking through the orbs spread around the room. If the NPC is getting close to dying, you can stand in the circle on one side of the room, this will give a portion of your HP to the NPC.

  • Elements
On this floor you will see 5 pillars, one for each element. The goal is to destroy all of them. You will randomly be given a DOT, with it comes a damage buff to the pillar weak to that element. If you want to remove it, you need to damage a pillar strong to element of the DOT you have.

Wood > Metal > Fire > Water > Earth > Wood

  • Energy
For this floor, you need to fill the pillar in the center of the room with energy. To get this energy, you will have to attack the mob corresponding to the item it asks for. It may not drop/spawn the item if you do too much damage to it, if you run into problems unequip your weapon. Ginseng Trees drop Ginseng Fruit but also two Sengin Fruit, if you try to use those ones it will fail. Timid Imps drop Imp Guts and Wraithtouched Dragons drop Dragon Essences. Dragons are the only ones that will attack you.

Once the item you need drops, you need to push it towards the pillar. To do this, you need to use the "hammer" item from the pop-up or from your inventory. Then it will ask for a new item, do this until the pillar's HP bar is filled.

If you fail to get an item in the pillar or you give it the wrong one and the Pillar's HP empties, you will fail the floor.

  • Monk
4 Celestial Beasts spawn in each corner of the room. Kill them before they reach the center to weaken the boss that will spawn( the Corrupted Monk ). Killing Azure Dragon lowers his attack, Black Tortoise lowers his HP, Crimson Phoenix lowers magic defense and White Tiger lowers physical defense. Once you kill the Monk, the floor will complete.

  • Pilgrim
The room is filled with 10 circles that you need to light up in order to complete the floor. To light them up, you need to kill Celestial Guardians, which spawn from the center of the room. In later floors Celestial Nullifiers and Sages will spawn along with the Guardians. Nullifiers remove a light if killed and killing Sages does nothing but if you don't kill them they will spawn damaging areas on the floor. Once all lights are on, you are finished.

  • Portal
The goal is to kill a total of 100 invaders. To spawn them, you need to stand near the orb that spawned somewhere in the room. This will cause 9 mobs and 1 mini-boss to spawn from the center portal. When you kill the boss, an NPC will spawn and do an AOE, damaging enemies( it doesn't do much damage though ). To get the next wave to spawn, find the next orb in the room, do this for a total of 10 waves to finish the floor. You can spawn more than one wave at once, if you so choose.

  • Protectors
This room is similar in method to "Lycaeum Of Cultivation". Waves of mobs will make their way from one portal to another point in the other side of the room, the goal is to stop them. This requires the NPCs in the room, since you can't kill the mobs yourself.
To start, you need to attack the Celestial Bead in the center of the room, this will give you "Buddha Corona Surveillance" points, you need these in order to get started. Don't focus on killing the Bead, especially in the beginning, because it is not required.

After damaging the Bead you will be able to use the item "Mirror of Sages" to get assistance from the NPCs, just click on the one closest to the starting portal( the most Northwest ), and use the Mirror from the pop-up. This will activate the NPC, or if they are already active, it will empower them. You can empower two times after activation, an NPC that is fully empowered will have a yellow aura instead of blue. The first two are decided for you, after that there are groups of two, you can only activate one per group. Note: There is currently a bug with the NPCs sometimes, if you cannot fully upgrade one, simply wait a while and try again later.

Mosaro has a minor damaging and slowing AOE. Andolor does a high-damaging single target attack that amps. It's up to you to find a good mix in order to kill the mobs before they reach the end. If you run out of "Buddha", make sure to attack the Bead in the center so you can activate and empower all NPCs in the room. At the end a boss will spawn, you do normal damage to him and can assist in killing him before he reaches the end.

Possible Rewards - Challenge Floors
Dragon Blood Stone - 25%
Epic Coins - 25%
Starseeker Powder - 20%
Nebula Dust Orb - 15%
Flowsilver Coin - 10%
War Avatar Chest: S - 5%
War Avatar Chest: S+ - 5% instead of S packs only on floors 73-107( fifth and sixth petals )

Boss Floors

  • First Ascension - 9 & 18
The room has the Four Kings, three in a triangle with one in the middle of them. You can kill them in any order you wish, but it needs to be one at a time. Each of them has a special skill which will continue even after they are dead. Noxious spawns poison pools that will tick for damage if you stand in them, Glacial does a skill that covers only half of the room( it will show in pink on the floor where the skill will hit ), Scorching will spawn a wall of fire that will sweep the room( it can be avoided by standing behind the crystal that spawns in the room ), and Howling spawns a damaging circle and has the ability to reel you into it.

  • Second Ascension - 27 & 36
In the middle of the room stands a boss, but he starts as an NPC and therefore cannot be damaged. To change that, you need to push the Mysterious Chest into him, requiring Dawnguard Weapons from killing the Celestial Dragonguard that spawn. You will need multiples of them to push the Chest all of the way. Once done, the boss will spawn in place of the NPC, along with other NPCs that will assist in attacking the boss. Once the his HP drops to a certain percent, the NPCs will disappear and be replaced by mobs you need to kill in order to do damage to the boss again. After killing them, the boss will gain a damage buff and healing orbs that you can use will spawn around the room. On floor 36 the boss can spawn an area that will damage you if you stand in it.

  • Third Ascension - 45 & 54
This room has a boss named Bodhi, just being near him hurts you, on top of him being unable to take damage. In order to debuff him and put him in a vulnerable state, you need to lure him into specific plants. The lighting plants, Seeds of Power, stun him and remove his buffs. The blue plants, Seeds of Life, heal him. The black plants are Seeds of Death, those will weaken him and make him take more damage. Bodhi can activate plants by using his attacks, they're based on where your character is standing so try to steer him away from the beneficial plants when he does them.  

  • Fourth Ascension - 63 & 72
Matreya is a bit more complicated than some other bosses, but once you get it down you should be fine. He has a few methods of controlling your character, pulling you, pushing you and even holding you in the air for a short time. Then after that he will normally spawn a circle that will kill you if you stand in it. There's also orbs around the room you can use to heal. This will repeat until you kill him, after that begins the next stage of the room. Fifteen flowers will be spawned, one of them contains his soul. However you only have 4 chances to find it, if you fail you will need to repeat the entire room. Though it seems like a complete guessing game, there's a really easy method to finding the right flower.

The method basically calls for killing certain flowers to narrow it down. When you kill a flower, if it doesn't contain his soul it will say the right flower is either "larger" or "smaller", giving you a clue as to where you go from there. The best way to make use of this is to start in the middle and kill flower 8, and afterwards kill each middle flower based on whether it says larger or smaller until you narrow it down to one. Though you could find the right flower early, of course.

  • Fifth Ascension - 81 & 90
The boss of these floors really doesn't have anything special about her. Sometimes she'll spawn eggs that you can destroy, which will spawn a few snakes prematurely if you do. If not destroyed the snakes that hatch from them will be slightly buffed. She'll also occasionally spawn two other mobs that do more damage than the snakes.

  • Sixth Ascension - 99 & 108
In order to kill the boss of these floors, Mara Papman, you need to first save the four Adventurers in the room. To start the room, you must go to the green orb and it will spawn Mara Papman's Soul, it will begin to attack you but in reality he's trying to help you. If you get his health to 80%, he will buff you, giving you 5.0 aps and allowing your auto-attacks to heal the Adventurers. Quickly run to them once you receive the buff and smack them to give them health. You can do this for about 20 seconds at a time, you need to repeat the process to get the buff again.
Papman will call for "ghost" mobs to damage the Adventurers so make sure you watch the health of all of them. If any of them die, the boss will be empowered, so try to save them all. Once an Adventurer's health reaches 100% you no longer have to worry about healing them.

After all of the Adventurers have either been saved or killed, the boss will then be able to be attacked. However you will still need to utilize his soul, so stay near the green orb. He will announce an attack, Oblivion, that will damage you for 15 seconds. Since his soul's buff also constantly heals you, you can use this to counter the damage. However, since the buff is timed you need to get his soul to 80% health at just the right time so it lasts throughout all of Oblivion.

Possible Rewards - Boss Floors
Warsoul: Manjusri - 20%
Warsoul: Arkarsja - 20%
Warsoul: Ksitigarbha - 18%
Warsoul: Avalokites - 16%
Warsoul: Jakari - 16%
Warsoul: Vajra - 10%

Floor 108 Rewards
Heavenfall Pack - 100%
- 1 Weapon Reskin Token
- 1 Title: [Moonwalker]

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Patch Notes | Nightshade | Gift of the Riptide | Star Charts | Heavenfall Temple | Title Quest Chains | Minor Changes

New titles have been added with the Eclipse expansion! Here will be a quick list of what's new and how to get them.
This information was taken from a guide on PWI with edits as I saw fit, I'm lazy ok. If anything is incorrect please let me know.

If you don't know anything about titles, please refer to these threads for more information: 1 2

Seal Questlines These are a continuation of the Seal Questlines from New Horizons.

Tome Questlines

New Set Bonus Titles
1. [Humane]
2. [Boundless]
3. [Sturdy]
4. [Wildflower]
5. [Heartburn]
6. [Goodbye]
7. [Breezy]
8. [Flowing River]
9. [Bossy]
10. [Jaded]
11. [Widow]
12. [Elder]
13. [Miner]
14. [Silky Smooth]
15. [Feral]
16. [Fire-breather]

Misc. Titles
1. [Stargazer] (Accuracy +6) Head to Archosaur South to the stargazing platform at (568 636, 33) (22:00 - 02:00)
2. [Pureheart] (+2 phy-att) Go to: (577,628) - wait one minute. This one can be tricky to get the quest to pop. Make sure you are all the way to the ground under water and wait. Next, go to (521,665) and dance. Go to (541,618) and think. Go to (586,620) and blow a kiss. Go to (585,669) and meditate.
3. [Returning Warrior] Return to game after being absent for 20 days.
4. [Moonwalker] Complete all floors of Heavenfall Temple.

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This post contains minor quality of life changes that I may just have wanted to put a picture for or elaborated more on, some things may not be noted here.

With Eclipse comes a brand new UI! Some of you may be familiar with aspects of it through UI editing parts of the new UI to our previous one. Though most things have stayed in place, some things have been moved.

Here is a comparison of the two:

- Overall aesthetic changes.
- The Encyclopedia is now only available through the "Function" button on the bottom-right.
- Your character avatar on the top-left is now bigger and the frame space is larger so it obscures less of the face.
- Mini-map buttons have been shifted, mini-map can now be viewed as a square or a circle using the "freeze mini-map" button. 7 > 9
- System buttons on the bottom-right can now be turned 90 degrees, allowing for the second bar to be placed on the bottom more easily.
- Blacklist was removed from System Settings, can be accessed from your friend list. Hotkeys has replaced it in System Settings.

There's also brand new settings for those who like to customize a bit more, or find a new feature slightly on the annoying side. You access these settings either from System Settings > Games > Features, or click the wrench icon above your HP bar, then click on the "Settings" tab.

Hide Low HP: Removes the red glow on the screen when you are close to dead.
Hide Gear Contrast Feature: With Eclipse came a gear contrast feature, allowing you to compare your equipped gear with others. However it tends to cover a lot of screen so if you want to shut it off you can.
Auto Pet Buff: This was previously in the normal System Settings but was moved here.
Lock Shortcuts Bar: This was previously in the normal System Settings but was moved here.
Hide the display of Thunderball and Iceball: For Stormbringers if you do not wish to see your current orbs under your character avatar. This does not remove display of the orbs actually floating around your character.
Close target display: Eclipse also added a feature in which you can see what someone else is clicked on. It makes for easier AA in PvP, however it can be intrusive in other cases, so remove it at will.

Also under the "Model" tab in the same window, an option was added to only show your character model.

The Quest UI has also be revamped with a few changes. When you hover over a quest in your quest tracker, you will notice a few new buttons. The "M" will open the map and show you a quick view of where you should be going for a quest. The megaphone icon, when clicked, announces that you have that quest in normal chat. If you are in a squad it will put it in automatically announce it in squad. This is useful to quickly show progress on a quest. The "X" icon is just a quick way to untrack a quest, it does not trash the quest. You can also click on NPC names in the quest tracker for auto-pathing.
If you open the map there is also an "M" there which will show all currently tracked quests on the map.

Learning skills has also become far easier! You now have a "skill book" of sorts which contains all class skills, actions and other learned skills. Now you don't have to be pestered by skill learner NPCs or having to go out of your way to go to Momoganon. You can also compare Sage and Demon skills from here by clicking the assigned icons.

Some of you have been waiting for this for years, I know I have. Wardrobe sorting! You can now sort by "sets" and "components", components being the type of fashion. You can also highlight specific types of fashion if you are having a hard time sorting through it still.

Speaking of fashion, the fitting room also had some changes done. The way of previewing dyed fashion has slightly changed, you now just click on the palette icon and dye either all your fashion at the same time, or press the letter icons to do specific pieces. The camera controls are also changed, the normal arrows have been removed and now you left-click to move your character around and right-click to rotate your character, scroll is to zoom in.

While you're dying your fashion, you may end up using random dyes. They added a neat but also possibly annoying feature. When using random dyes, if you get a pure color such as white, black, red, ect. it will let you know!

The character creation has also changed camera controls along with the fitting room, try not to lose your character off-screen!

And finally, the pet bag, bank and cupboard have all gotten increased in size!

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