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genie lvling problem

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i tried to make a better genie so using my spirit to level it to 150 and it got stuck at 146 and refuses to level up any further just wondering if im doing anything wrong

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you will need to alternate the buttons at the EXP Infuse screen.
there are 2 options right? keep alternating both, it will eventually work.

Offline Slashyy

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how u mean 2 options ?? i no u have the 3 different ways to infuse the exp (but i only have spirit been 150 xD)

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Think he means instead of clicking the level up button click infuse and confirm or the other way around.  Sometimes they get stuck but if you keep messing with them eventually you'll get it.

Offline Nevyn

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All the genies I have leveled up get stuck at this level too. I just left mine and it leveled up on its own as i was doing quests and bh's etc

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You can level it you gotta use infuse then confirm, then same thing if it gets stuck at a next level.

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Holding down the infuse button and then clicking confirm usually gets me unstuck
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