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Cannot connect to server

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Why can i not connect to server, i can log in till i choose a char to play with as soon as i click start it say unable to connect to server.

Does anyone have the same problem???? ???
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yes its happening to me and my brother account as well wont log ether  but im sure the gm;s are working on it give em some time :)  8)

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happening to me too good thing i thought it was just me

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lol  i thought  that until i logged my broithers account lolz <3 cumon  GM's i wannnaaaa spend golddddd  :police:

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hmmm DDos Attack?or low conection?

Offline donswayne

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same here, cant connect to the server...i hope my vote counted :'(

Offline Darunia ஜ

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the main map crashed, so if you were in an instance, you're stuck there.  If you were chilling in arch, you dc'd and can't get in at all.  And as it was said, GM's are unavailable at this time.  So just be patient...


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i give up trying  8th time i get error message/could not log into server )  Disconnectied plz try again >=D Rawr  >:D
it shows server stat's online and medium ..  meaning  ... some ppl are online .. and like not the other half of  our side of the world they fixed hehe


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-sighs- well diam >.< why why why crud <.<>.>

I was never here xD

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Offline ChicaBomb

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Have fun waiting for map to be restarted.
when InTake gets ct buff

Offline ღApolloღ

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It won't Restart Probably for like 12 hours lol or god knows when ._.

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Offline Tenashi

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gonna take 2 days people  :-\

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well there is a GM on the forums so maybe they can get it fixed  :monkey-43:
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