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Is there a possible way we could get a guide with coordinates for Bounty Hunter Bosses ??

Offline Elu

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They're really easy to find, but if someone feels like doing a guide for it, go ahead.

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Hellgate watchdog- moonshade desert (4th oht map) its near entrance
Ossein. FL- get quest in oht then dig blood under the platform in the lake. Then go to unicorn forest and go straight till you see water and then go right he will be up on the hill.
Death Lord- go to twilight temple enter 2nd portal and proceed to kill the first boss. Keep moving up to ashura go through port and continue to Ape boss go through portal run again to next portal and take quest from pillar and then wait 3 min DEATH LORD will appear.
Behemoth- go to twilight temple 3rd portal and run past starting mobs and go right until you see 1st boss. kill it and go down the ramp then go left and go up the next hallway until you see the room you were in before. Go right when you are upstairs and you see another hallway heading downwards with exploding Heads. boss is there.
Valley boss- go past the hill where the 2nd group of mobs Boss is there.
Hengachin- go into city of abominations and try to reach the center of the dungeon until you see 2 bosses and a long hallway leading upwards Boss is there.

That's all 140+ Bh spots. If you have any other questions or you need help feel free to contact me in game