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Hair Code Guide


Added 68 barb hairstyles/hats. Please let me know if any of the codes are wrong.

I suffered through hours of testing all the "new content" that I could find in the file and wound up disappointed, here are a few models that I found work though from newer/custom content.
Btw ty for mentioning those ones or else I wouldn't of been able to find them ^. 

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Kaid for new GM 2k17 plis!
Thanks for the perfect guide  :monkey-48: :normal-23:

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For future reference this won't be updated anymore, however thank you for the nice comments. I made this as a resource before Echo completed her guide! She has finished it now and it is a much more comprehensive source for ini information including hair codes:

-> Customize Yourself <-

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i like it when u sleep, for u'are so beautiful yet so unaware of it...

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