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Character Delete/Name Change?

Offline Hiratana

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I was just wondering if there was a way to either..
1. Get a name change for a character or..
2. Make the character deletion process faster than 7 days, so I can just remake my character.

I made an archer and I regret it, but I really want to keep my name. I hope you guys can help me out. If not, that's okay.
Thanks in advance!
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Do you not like the class or how youre archer looks? o.o

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we wont change those things cuz it would allow cheaters and scammers to create characters after character to get the items from the lvl 1.

changing name is possible but we stopped doing it due to glitches and bugs.

if u wanna keep ur name u need to just create the character right when the current one gets deleted, it should work that way i think. (never tested this though)

Offline Hiratana

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Okay that works! If anything, I can just farm for a week on a sin or something. Thanks guys! :)