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Offline snthennumb3rs

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Can we make a status update for the friend list?  With it, when you hover over a friend on your FL, you see the normal "Class, Level, Location" but then at the bottom there would be a "Status" which you could limit to 30 characters or whatever (same as the chat box).

Yes, there's already the auto-reply, but how fricken annoying is that thing when someone whispers you and they don't want to disable it...idk about you, but it makes me want to blow my f-ing head off.

*slips paper into suggestion box*
You've been suggested


1. Would be pretty hard to implement for just a status.
2. I already hate Facebook enough.

-deposits 2 cents-

Offline xd1764

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not sure exactly what u mean , but u can already see your friends Lvl, location and class by right clicking their name in your f/l and clicking refresh info, unless u or they are in a diff instance it will show you their location.

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he means like a facebook status, as tali pointed out. so like you hover over the name and is says "Blademaster, 143, West Archosaur" then would have "in the shower" or "went to the store". you got auto-reply. don't like it? don't pm them. or just do what i do. put your auto reply on, and watch the auto conversation

Offline djdirty_713

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that sounds like something that would work better in second life, not here. still a cool idea though. i believe off line chat app like the facebook app would be better though. but that would cost a butt load to devlope and yet again not really necessary.
remember that one time when people played a private server for the social aspect instead of the balanced pvp? second life definitely sounds more accurate
why are you trying to make this game into facebook...... i deleted mine and if this game becomes anything like i will surely delete it as well :3

Offline JHIN

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what's facebook?  ???
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x