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How many spouses have you had on EPW?

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Clearly in-game marriage is a serious business. Regardless if was just for fun or actual e-dates. Not a thread to start drama but how many spouses have you had? You can post just a number or name them all below.

15 here. Most were never e-dates and most were regrets.


Only 1 that matters is my banana

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Just one, my irl girlfriend, for the past 3 years. 
Yea I'm boring.

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some say half of the server, some say secretly the whole server, but i only say 2 

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0 bc im a child of God

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never been married, i'm innocent and pure like an angel. 

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never been married, i'm innocent and pure like an angel.

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??? Where my name
Idk too many to count. ' - '

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Didn't marry them yet but I have 200 bitches (apollumi) 


My right hand been strong edate for a while, but we split up a few times ): does remarry count?

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When you get rid of your best Cata EP
Artifex lost 80 vs 30 in ten minutes