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Happy Birthday, Charles!

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Let's wish a happy birthday to Charles / Disparu, our fellow friend and Apollumi member!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to celebrate. ;)

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happy birthday sister Charles Xavier

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Happy birthday ^.- 

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Happy bday Charles nerd  :tiger-3:
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Ty Mai for lovely avatar ♥

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happy birthday kid

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Happy bday bro , hope you have a good one

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Happy birthday boy! 

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Happy birthday charles aka Weaky have a good one nub  :tiger-23:

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Happy Birthday!


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Happy birthday my fellow brother
Make sure today is lit fam

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happy birthday   8)
Rev message - Discord:

We will be less active, enemy didn't want to TW anymore ( last thing that was fun on PW ) Summer season will be starting. Like always we wont play PW at this time  as it takes to much time to run things which isn't really fun during the summer, got better shit to do. We will log often ( the officers ) for some RPK and talks. If you are smart you remain in OC and let EPW die for now. Don't waste your time on that game full off sperm failures, do something with your time it is valuable and PW is to toxic to spend it on.


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