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Client Crashing After patching

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There's this chinese(Not exactly chinese but wierd symbols and alphabets) error coming when i try to start the game after patching. What could probably be the problem and how could i rectify it?
Ok, i tried downloading the whole client, updated and patched and verified and the error is reoccuring :'(
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 Have you tried to verify the client? It should fix any issues that might cause the client to crash when you try to open it. Also below are some other steps that you can try if verifying doesn't seem to fix your issue, Hope it helps!

- Add the game directory to your antivirus exception list
- Start the game from patcher and click Verify button, then once process finishes, check again.
- Install DirectX 9.0c by running dxwebsetup.exe file located in EPW/element/ directory and check again
- Reinstall your graphic card drivers and check again
- Update your Windows (if your system is outdated it might be missing some libraries required to run the game)
- Install Microsoft Net Framework 4
- Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) 
- In the end restart your PC and check again
- If it still fails, redownload / reinstall the client


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that doesn't sound good.