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How is def working?

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can someone explain me how is def working in this game?
for example we have:
  • phy and elemental def
  • def lvl
  • reduce phy and mage def
  • skills/buffs/potions/genie
so i wanna know is it all summing in one number (like 10k phy def +10 def lvl +10 phy def reduction give you just one number for exmaple 20%)? Or first damage is going through the def lvl get reduced then your actual phy mag def and again reduced?
how much def i need for 1% or dmg reduce? cuz i can see in my stats 70% phy dmg reduction is it mean that i get only 30% of the dmg like from 1000 i got only 300?
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Physical and Elemental resistance = You take % value less than before with piece equipped

Defense levels = Overall damage % reduction

Physical def = added physical resistance %

Basically (from what I know) if it would all stack, it would be defense level value + phys/mag res value = total defense versus that player

However that overall value would be skewed heavily due to ele pills, etc

I may be wrong but that's how I've always interpreted it
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as far as i know it all stacks
phys res/elem res = reduced by that percentage initially'
def level = reduces it further by 1% for every attack level that they cant match for (IE 60 def vs 33 atk = 27% less dmg per hit)
rpdt/rmdt = reduces damage by its typing further
potions etc > hp dmg increase etc etc 

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