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We need more challenge in the game

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I`m on this server almost 4 months and i think Epic is one of the best private server.
But, let's summarize what we have on server:
- Easy to get coins, epic coins and all materials what we need for end game armor/weapon,
- Easy to get R8,
- Easy to get lvl 150,
- Easy to kill all mobs in game, almost everything player can solo,
- World Bosses are easy too,
- Same story with FC, Nirvana...

Think we need something to do. What we have? Pk, TW and Delta. Think Epic server was made for the players to play solo and not in the team as it should be, because who needs squad if you can finish bh and almost everything else alone.

It would be nice if we had something it`s hard to get.

-Epic armor,  Weapon, Rings , Necklase, Robe, etc.
-Some players love questing, clear PWI mobs or just change mobs level and give us something to kill with normal drops,
- Remove manufacturing skills and let ppl improve skills,
- Lunar and TT amor / Weapon changes that can be used in a game with other equipment,
- World Bosses. Cmon, name said everything. I`m sure Cenminator can hit harder,
- Give us team based game not solo game then, there will be more different classes in the game because it will be needed, not just three or four. We all know how hard it is to find a Cleric or a Venomancer.

I hope that GM will read this. I ask 3 months ago to fix Slogan but GM never do that so faction leader in Slogan must.type.like.this. PWI change that 2 years ago.
Happy New Year to all and cya in game :)

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I want you inside me.

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if u want game play like pwi...why not well play pwi instead of a private server?

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What you wanna say with this post? I'm talking about the improvements and not about PWI.
Hmm i agree to a certain degree... first off i dont think any changes should be done necessarily, but maybe add (or change i guess lol) an instance that is hard and requires a decent squad. Like take an FB 19 place , make it accessible to all and change the mobs to be crazy strong you know? But i wouldnt change any current instances and make them harder because personally i like being able to play by myself without NEEDING other people. Obviously its fun to run with guildies and stuff and people do that for fun now anyway, but some soloability is needed and i think this server is perfect for that. The mobs in the new tough instance could drop high amounts of coins and the bosses could drop books/ good amount of EC's, yet pretty much ensure that they cant be soloed...

In terms of equipment.. I have two opinions on equip in this game...First, i enjoy the simplicity, you get to a certain level and get that gear set, and it isnt all too hard to get the gear which is good, its a private server and while you should have to work (nobody can get dragon in a day lol) you shouldnt have to waste years. Second, i wish there was variety.. I see people running around and honestly they all have pretty similar stuff. Since i came back to playing (i quit right when 145 became cap), stuff like recrafting for better skills and stuff seems to be more common so there is of course variety in the gears, but as the case with PWI, there are about 3-4 axe options for say a level 70 barb which makes each barb potentially different. I know we have dragon or r8 at level 150, and that this goes against me liking the simplicity, but i feel if we had more variety in weapons or armors it could make for a better pking system. Obviously this wouldnt be easy to do because the gear would all have to be equal in power just in different ways (just an example one axe does double damage and takes 5% of your hp while another axe gives you 5% hp at normal damage). Just my thought on gear and again i do contradict myself with the two arguments so im not taking a side, just posing my ideas.

Overall, i dont really see a problem with this server to much. I mean compared to other private servers, this is probably the most balanced, everything can be achieved by yourself pretty much, there is no donar power, and the people are pretty cool, and Gms (including Agatio) are freakin helpful and cool. I do think that some things could make it more coop and thus a little more entertaining for you and friends but i dont see any major changes that could come to improve anything, just minor things like adding a new instance or boss. Yea xD

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LOL no. If you want to spend half of your lifetime finding accomplishments in a game then go official. Most people comes to a private server just to PvP, not spend 3 months to perfect their gear.

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I like the idea of a little more challenge but I joined a private server for the enjoyment of soloing and getting things I wasn't ever able to do or get on the real PWI.  As for questing...yeah I hated that and I prefer to avoid it lol
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LOL no. If you want to spend half of your lifetime finding accomplishments in a game then go official. Most people comes to a private server just to PvP, not spend 3 months to perfect their gear.

i side with this post but not in such harshness.  i say the main reason to come to a private server is to get away from the money aspect of PWI personally, did take 3 years to perfect 4-5 classes and alot of money not needed to be spent. this was my idea of comming to private servers and ive been on alot of them, you just need to find one that suits you and what your looking for. so far this one has my eye and only changes id like to see are in the opposite direction infact, some things here are dead easy, but come with consequences. you goto reset, or make a second account, or litterally wait for some help when the run is way shorter by itself even if u couldnt solo it. stuf like that. i wish things like r8 would be easier infact like just buy in a pot no rep needed at all just get it. but noone can have everything like they want it, just becuase others there wont like it for w/e reason. so far this server is cool with me. just havin EC farming bronze in a pk spot is a lil bad idea, but dont need to get it there anyway.. kinda wish (coin, exp and spirit) were indeed ALOT higher and we could actually get (quest coin,exp,spirit) multiplied aswell. farming all those mats in fc for exp is kinda useless but would be ALOT more common if we got way more exp then 4000 on one of the martial arts master trades. takes well over 1000 of those things to even get 5m exp.. thats like 15 runs to fc.. overworked much tr yin to get that exp there, and pv is to low and gv takes to long for the amount even givin to be worth the time.
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i love the sv exacly how it is atm....

i would't like RankNine's ideea,no offence mate...

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This is actually relevent to a post i recently submitted. The problem we have is that this game is a copy of another game where the starting point is at the end of the original. There is very little to do by nature because you start at endgame. And it's the reason why people come here; to enjoy the easy, fun aspects of PWI endgame. They dont want to spend years (Literaly) just to become half decent in PWI. However PWI offers something this game cannot; and that is massive content. I think that GM's have done excetionally well to introduce the extras they have here but their powers are limited, and understandably so. As much as I love my fair leader RankNine, I think you need to understand the nature of the game; It's End Game, that what it was designed for and thats what people who come here want. Big gears, Big Women, hard hitting, PvP, TW facepalm action! I do agree things are too easy to acheive, but this is by design. It's to tempt people here from PWI BECAUSE it's easy. Otherwise what would be the point? may as well just stay in PWI right?

People who dont understand what PWI is will not understand the problem you face, how can they? They think its a stand alone game. I'm sorry to say but I think you wishes and wants are all for nought. Eventually they will introduce new content and new gears, but I wouldn't expect to be overly challenging to get. This game, like many other copies, will only entertain you for so long...
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you want more challenge? take off all your gear and go kill players

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Well I can guarantee that there will be no new full gear set (something which is better than dragon gear or r8), at least for some longer time. What can be added is new instance which should be pretty hard, I prepared fb59 for that, however I am still thinking that Lunar Dungeon could have better use that this.
Instead of full gear set, there probably will be new rings, in same pattern like Cube Neck / Warsong Belt, so with small atk/def lvl boost. And there also might be new helmet added soon, there are still some things to set up how it all should be gained.

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I leveled up reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slow in PWI, though I still enjoy it, but I'm a kind of soloist, so I was looking for a server like this. I enjoy the time of gaming, questing, and the way that I can change my character whenever I want. As I said, I'm also a soloist, so THIS server right now is perfect for me. However, I'm still slow. :D:D:D

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Agatio plz make sure the new instance is for 150 characters who need ec for r8 , cuz u put r8 with the same income of ec we used to get for dragon gear so we need something for 150 characters who actually pk or just go afk all the time...

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Only things I would consider taking a shine to would be warsoul weps (1st and 2nd cast) and also nation wars, oh and r9 would be cool as well (for a dph gear set), I guess.