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wth server?

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why the server offline i come home from work and its all down with no convo they updating?
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Fixing Faction Diplomacy

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Tyrants died too much and ddos server
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Server needed a reset, its been running for a month straight, or at least thats what they said in red chat on worldchat.

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It's maintenance. Will last max. 10 mins!

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I destroyed with DDoS spirit ball :o :o
not smart

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Tyrants died too much and ddos server

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GM just deleted all the funny comments  :'(


GM just deleted all the funny comments  :'(
I noticed :normal-12:


GM just deleted all the funny comments  :'(
ye. #nopostfarm


GM, thought it was only supposed to be down for only10 mins... but it still says Offline?!

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10mins x1k = Gm's ACTUAL 10mins


yeah true.
gm had that shit deleted in 10 secs

>gm be this active on helpdesk please.