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Nw and opening land and leaving

Offline rainstorms

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I think if you open land in NW you should have to stay til its over i see alot of people opening land then leaving or just going in to get more points.i see alot of land open with no one in it.


Because by opening a land you can force people that try to push further to enter the opened land, that's why

Offline rainstorms

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lmao ya open it and stay in it one person opening up alot of land and not staying in any of them is a joke
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That's what strategy is

Offline Fat Cat

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Idc. NW ends at 2AM so if I get tired I'll just go to sleep and afk.

kitty stew

there is plenty of strategy to opening land without the intention to fight the battle

no idea why it rustles you op but certainly isn't something that will change