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Apollumi exposed - Best guild in PW?

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midnight pk vs 3rd hand guild, heavily outnumbered , 1 wr (Apollumi maister Insanity) vs 6 unknowns from Tyrants, heavily outclassed by the better players ( us )
shoutout to my squad , killing in a blink of an eye top gun best players in pw any guild we are in LOL!!

covered cast bar maybe i get ratted ?
enjoy ^_^

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pro ea, like me


easiest pk even when they have more lol

was nice pking 1 week with no refine on neck thx Migos

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Easiest PK of my life bro ...Wasn't even trying lmao..
Good video

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lolay a noob with skillsender  :'(
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lmao video of best pt and guild destroying wannabes once again 
really nice video geo, music was enjoyable as well man 

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ROFL, best guild only Conflate. Ez 9-1, ez 2-0, ez europe

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ROFL, best guild only Conflate. Ez 9-1, ez 2-0, ez europe
Sorry bro low level individual skill lose 10v10.

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ROFL [2] 3-2. vs 9-1 and 2-0, LOOOOOOOOOOOL

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stop humiliating enemy malpraxis they might disban soon  :'(
Im not stupid, im just too lazy to show you how smart i really am.

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lolay a noob with skillsender  :'(

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[6:00 PM] Pedro: LOL Faeluna forever TeamSner + EdateSner

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