Epic Perfect World


Offline Chisien

  • Little too loyal
  • Love everyone in OFK <3
  • Characters: Never play lmao
  • Faction: OFkGiven
hello yes I would like join

Offline Martylka

  • coming back like a boomerang

Offline Tyroth

  • big dick dps
  • omegalul
  • Characters: Tyroth / Voltage
  • Faction: Ambition
golfwang looking for alts bump  :police:
imagine playing this game after 2018 pogchamp

Offline Kirihara

  • Kirihara
  • Kirihara
  • Characters: Kirihara, Kircheis (deleted and banned) and Lewandowski (banned)
  • Faction: Notorious
cool story bro.
Kirihara #1 EA. Blackprint (Methodical) is my best student. https://epicpw.com/index.php?action=profile;u=26710