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Problems with progress weapon for Psychic

Offline mars78

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Can't to progress weapons for Psychic on 120 lvl, 130lvl. Maybe and with weapons 140lvl, 145lvl and 150lvl will be same problem.
When choose in Elder the option Refine Equipment and drag weapon and Dragon Orb Flame in cells, after use Refine. But weapon doesn't progressing. Level progressing leave on +0 and weapon back to Inventory.

When I'm upgrading normal weapon (white) for Psychic it progressing, but I can't take it  because of mistake

It have inscription  - only for Blademaster

Offline RaveGirl

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That's not something wrong. The GM's have taken refining soulspheres out. With more refinement comes more SoulForce. A psy's best friend is soul force. If they were able to refine their weapon as well it would be "too OP" for the server. I dont agree with it but its the way it is. It has already refined damage but you just can't refine it to +12.
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Psy's don't need refining cause they can hit hard without +12
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Offline DrakeX

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It is like RaveGirl said it. You can't refine the Weapon but the Damage is up to a +12 refinement ;)
With that you can prevent psychics to get too much soulforce.
Also other soulspheres are limited to Blademaster so you can't take them and get your maximum soulforce.
Sure the psychic is useless with a npc soulsphere but you can buff other people.


Can't refine the SoulSpheres.