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3v3 event Savi's team

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Not to be mean or anything, but great teamwork Execution, uselessly trying to kill r8 BM, while leaving healing him priest alone   :normal-18:

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final round

haha this savi <3


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This Savi, lol... Good Job Meng. !,  my shyt net, DC-d, but dun look like i was needed D:

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This Savi! Nice video.  ;D

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That barb+wiz+BM combo could easily destroy a BM+EP combo but of course they had to be noobs xD.  Nice fight though.

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That last hit on the barb, my god. LOL nice xD!
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Savi Savi song would be more fit for this vid  :-[ x for u savas

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Never seen a pro before. Awesome dude, kudos!

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