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Barb armor question

Offline Chylin

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Witch is better the R8 Armor or the Dragon Armor for barb if it matters I play a Vit Barb but defense lvls are important too when pulling cata

Offline Archeus

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you could try to roll r8 for def lvls, useful for pulling cata but Dragon still pretty nice for handling a whole faction on you xD
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Offline JHIN

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i've tried both and so far, im liking r8 more since i get plus 25 on both DEF and Atk levels just by wearing a 4 piece set of r8 armor.    ^-^ enjoy
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

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Offline Reval

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r8 is better if your set has good stats on it

dragon is still good if you don't have enough money to reforge.

r8 = pvp & can cata

dragon= farmer & can cata