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Players vs GMs

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Registration is through PMs ingame, please PM after the red chat asking for PMs, not before.
Fights are best of 1 to save time so we can do more teams.
No more than 1 of each class allowed per team.
If the fight continues more than 7 minutes, 1 player from each team will duel.
You may come again on an alt but not the same character.

- No spirit pots
- No Iron Ridgeknife
- No Ironguard
- No chocolates
- 8 second stealth maximum
- Max 3 sog unless there's a cleric on each team

Winner Pack
- 120 Epic Coins
- 120 Supply Tokens
- 2 Event Tokens
- 4 Perfect Elements
- Title: GM Slayer

Loser Pack
- 120 Epic Coins
- 60 Supply tokens
- 1 Event Token
- 2 Perfect Elements

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what a bunch of noobs xdddddddd
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