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Kill the enemy team's crystal before they get to kill yours.

Event System
Inside the GvG map (TW map), 2 teams of 10 players are going to have their crystals set up between point 5 and 6 (B lane). Team Red has to take down the crystal named Blue, and Team Blue has to take down the crystal named Red, while they also defend their own crystal. Meanwhile, the two teams can kill each other and do anything to prevent the other team from winning, EXCEPT sogging any crystal. Players need to watch out, though, as any team members can come back inside the instance after dying using the NPC inside the waiting room, or can resurrect as an alternative. The point is not just to take down the enemy team, but to focus on the crystals.
You can use the Battle Coordinator NPC inside your base to freely teleport to any lane. Keep in mind that the spawn point is a safe zone, therefore base locking is not possible as the enemy can always use the teleporter to get outside of the base. Regrouping is possible in any case here, even if you have swords, buffs will go through.
Crystals are immune to most debuffs, including 0 defense. They have 300mil HP and once they reach 75%, their melee buff activates automatically, making it harder to APS them.

Rules and Restrictions
Seal of God is NOT allowed on crystals: Cleric breaking this rule will be banned for the event's duration and the team will have to fight with one player less.
⧫ Team of 10: MUST be rainbow squad, no same classes. This means you'll have to have every class in your team.
⧫ Debuffs on the crystal do not work. No kind of debuff.
⧫ There'll be a maximal time of one hour. If the crystals still haven't died, the crystal with the higher HP wins.
⧫ Winning team CANNOT participate in the next event with the same characters. (Can come on alt toons) You can join again the week after.
⧫ Anyone found to be hitting their own crystal on purpose as event sabotage will be banned and not allowed to participate in the event in the future.

Additional Information
Seal of God
Territory War Map
Battle Coordinator

Each member of the winning team gets:
⧫ Event Token x10
⧫ Epic Coin x1000
⧫ Supply Token x600
⧫ Perfect Element x16
⧫ Title: Godlike

Each member of the defeated team gets:
⧫ Event Token x5
⧫ Epic Coin x500
⧫ Supply Token x300
⧫ Perfect Element x8

Please reply with your team members' names once the registrations are open. I will NOT accept teams that have "reserved" names once I close the thread and will simply move to the next one. Registrations will stay open for 30 minutes from my red chat in-game. Even if you aren't in the first 2 teams, please be ready just in case one team decides to forfeit before the event starts. You will be ported inside the waiting room, and this is where you return in case you went back to town after dying. You can port back inside the instance from there.

Thanks to all the friends who helped me with ideas and improvements!

Offline Flower

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  • Ivoreh was here first! Chocolate♥✿| Peterpekpek |Anshed! #BoobssignedbyDream
  • Faction: EPW_Team
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