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For Future Patch If this is Possible

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Hey Agito,

This is just an Idea which I am sharing for future Update. 

I was thinking if the accessories Engrave can be chosen just like we do for the R8 weapon  reforge from "Spirit of the Forge" or "Guardian Angel" NPC. We can see what would be the result of the additional stats and from there we can choose if we want to keep the existing or to pick the new one. If this implemented same way for the accessories engrave result stat then people can no longer have to keep bad or worse stat. 

For example Lets say someone has Magic 10 and magic 10 engrave stats of a ring and he want to get Att lvl 2, He started with 100 supply token and after 10 rolls he got HP100 and HP 100 or may be worse than that. He would have no choice but have to keep that. This way he lost 100 token as well as lost the previous good stat, so my point is if the same choosing option can be implemented for engrave process.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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not possible i think, its been suggested b4