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Hey everyone. New patch is aimed to improve the PvP experience. Equipped items can be no longer switched in the combat mode, except weapon, tome, belt and necklace. In addition, magic rings have been restricted from archers. However new rebalanced blessing has been introduced to make up for it. Patch contains few other changes. No customization items this time, but they will come next!

> Full Patch Notes
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Full patch notes:

Equipped items can be no longer switched in the combat mode, except:
* weapon, tome, belt and necklace

Archer related:
* Magic rings have been restricted from archers
* Rebalanced blessing has been introduced (-14% channeling, +5% reduce magic damage taken)

Heavy Dragon armor rework:
* 2 parts of heavy armor give -0.1 int (bonus doesn't stack with light armor anymore)
* Each part of HA give additional 1% magic damage reduction
* Full overview can be found here

Other changes:
* Memory Chocolate (with -10% channel) has been removed from game
* Barbarian's r8 set bonus gives now +25 attack levels again
* Dedicated GvG instance is now available (uses TW battlefield map, just ask the GM if wish to use it)
* GV quest (Defeat Legion Marshal) is now once a day per character instead of 2 times per account
* Separate Lunar Trophy medals can be now exchanged into Supply Tokens
* EC exchange ratio of Treasure Map quests has been increased
* Drop of World and Event bosses has been slightly improved
* Some other minor changes, like: improved Heroic Battle drawing method, increased max stack of runes and arrows
* Faction icons updated

Additional notes:
* This maintenance may take a bit longer, since we are switching hosts this time (same location, better specs). Shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes though.
* In case if the game balance will still use some improvements, appropriate changes will come. Please give the patch a try in the next days, we are looking forward for your feedback.
* No customization items this time, but I am planning to add a lot of fashion, flights, pets and other cosmetic items in the next update.
* -18% channeling Nirvana crossbows are now banned from game. Please put them in your bank and I will switch them to Square Formation +6 range crossbow in the next days (no need to contact us for this, I got a list of players already).
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nah, am done unless everything about this patch gets reverted.
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dude our pk lol qq

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*** you

domgrath tell you to do that?

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best patch after years  :police: :police: :police: :police:
thanks so much

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Ty Aga for patch :-*

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Archer related:
* Magic rings have been restricted from archers

Other changes:
* Memory Chocolate (with -10% channel) has been removed from game

bye my precious mag rings and good bye my archer   :normal-13:

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lol this nerf on dragon gear

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yay finally but booo magic ring removed omg T_T I'm a sage EA   :'( but anyway thanks for the patch it's much balance now :)

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good one thanks for patch
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Awsome new Patch

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Nice, no more script
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