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So hey , the thing is that leveling from 110 to 140 is pretty fun and easy , but after 140 it gets grindy.
So I was wondering if the EPW Staff could add another PV (PV 145+) so the higher levels could level up easier.
I know the game shouldn't be easy but after level 145 it gets super grindy , please fix that.

Thanks <3

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Everytime I see these it's too slow to level up please help suggestions I can't help but laugh. You can hit 145 in a grand total of 7 pv's if you solo it and use an ESO.  Just be glad that things are not the same as a few years ago. 



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theres always the option of donate/vote for gold and use sls for faster levelup.
and its like 2 hours of continuous pv for 140-150. if it was any easier people would just make a million more alts and camp ares.

dw leveling in pv is always frustrating on your first toon, itll be over soon

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