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Offline Medea

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Hello artists of EPW,

this contest will be for any type of drawing my character.
Doesnt matter if realistic / semi-realistic / chibi / fullbody / waist up etc.
Just pick the kind of drawing you feel the most comfortable with.

The uniqueness of this contest is the fact that you have to pick one out of four ini's,
along with the theme "Fantasy Women":

With the theme you are basically free to draw my avatar "as you like it".
It can be a warrior/fighter, a sorceress/witch, a goddess, a princess/queen, a vampire/demon, an elf/angel, a fairy etc.
Above that you are free in expression, background, position and so on.

The only thing I am asking for is to keep the hair-, eye- and lipcolor the same as in the reference you picked.
This goes especially for the reference with the red hair, since its not tomato-red or darkred or anything like that
(the haircolor is wine-red/bordeaux/burgundy).

I want you guys to be creative and pick or design the fashion/armor on your own.
This goes for any accessory aswell - like headwear, jewelry, capes etc.
The designed fashion should be fantasy and/or fairytale alike, not casual or modern.
Same goes for the hairstyle.

The prices will be as following:

1st     15000 ec
2nd   12500 ec
3rd    10000 ec
4th    7500 ec
5th    5000 ec
6th    3500 ec

Note: Multiple prices are possible, but I haven't finally decided yet.

Above that I will give 2000ec to everyone who participates with a real entry (no stick figures guys, SORRY)
- as a token of appreciation -

Deadline will be September 18th at 4pm servertime.
Please submit your entry along with your ingame name. Thank you!

If you have any questions feel free to pm me. :normal-1:

Have fun and good luck everyone.  :normal-4:
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"He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire."

Offline Medea

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Hello guys, thanks once again for joining my contest. :normal-23:
Each and everyone of you was putting so much effort into the drawings and you all did a great job.
I am glad that I got a nice mix out of all the given ini's.
Even tho there was a slight preference with the dark-red haired one. :normal-47:
Its really nice to see, how everyone catched the theme in a special way, so it was kinda hard for me to decide the winners.
Thanks once again for participating everyone! :normal-4:

Special thanks to Akerlel for the surprise aka fantasy drawing. :normal-23:

And here are the winners:


❣ Limecake ❣





⚜ Leonora ⚜

Participation Reward goes to:

Arαcαri •水•

Congratulations to everyone! :normal-23:
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"He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire."