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✿Mermaid's Contest✿REWARDS

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Ahoy There!
✿Mermaid's Contest✿
Hello, I will host a small contest event!
(read carefully)

This is a drawing event.
Bellow you will find screenshots of my character, use your imagination to bring her to life!
The art is focused on illustrating my psychic, not as a mermaid,
don't get confused with the title of the event ;D
(if you want to make her look like a mermaid though you can do that)
but I mainly want to see her as drawing with one of those fashions i chose down bellow
(chibi/anime style/realistic or any other style you are good at)
Any drawing styles will be accepted, of course stick-men and any kind of troll ideas will not be rewarded.

I will take
only 13 participants, so reserve your spot by commenting here or in my personal messages!
Speaking of rewards:

*1st Place ~ 10,000 EC / 30 Event Gold
*2nd Place ~ 6,000 EC / 30 Event Gold
*3rd Place ~ 3,000 EC / 30 Event Gold

Participation: 1,000 EC / 10 Event Gold
(13 participants in total - remember!)

W I N N E R S:
*1st Place ~ Leonora:

*2nd Place ~ M:

*3rd Place ~ Rumi:

(Additional 4th place added duo to beautiful drawings (Reward: 2,000 EC/30 Event Gold)

*4th Place ~ Tea:

I will contact all of you via Personal Messages for further details on the rewards!
Apologies to those who feel underestimated, this event was for fun, i love all the works!
CongTyrants to the winners, THANK YOU ALL for participating!

End Date of the Event: 27th of August

*List: 13 (List is FULL, thank you everyone!)

⚜ Leonora ⚜

H a b i t s🐾

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Event is now over, the winners were chosen!
:monkey-48: :monkey-48: :monkey-48:
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GTyrants to everyone. Was fun spying it hehe. ^-^