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Pvp class

what is a good pvp class to play with do any of you guys know

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most fun to play in pvp is assasin, mage and archer

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any of them are really op and ridiculous af :police: 

Online UchMadara

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how are psychics?
outputs a lot of Dmg, can also tank a lot if u have good def set or just go in def buff mode
noone uses it to 1vs1, some only in mass pk

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Mage is fun and quite versitile,  the only 90% loss for you will be mystic in 1vs1. Otherwise mage is pretty dominant and easy to play.

Good for mass, rpk, 1vs1, 2vs2 ect.
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idk for 1v1s personally aps build seekers as much as i hate that sht :c

mass depends wanna heal dd or cc
dd- ea or mg
cc - wr.
heal - mystic/ep

Arabella best pocket heals guys!

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Play Mage, superior class to all. 
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Play Mage, superior class to all.

you are not good 


Play Mage, superior class to all.

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Most OP: WF/Mystic
Most fun to play: I'd say Mage
Easiest: EA

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you are not good

I beat you
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all good man xd 

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