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my team won nice video ^w^
ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo


nice video bro!

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nice video bro!
According to my calcs you lose.

My damage log collection NEW

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We need more FSP and lunar run videos...we are the best pve guild and... the server needs to know
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Finally more videos! Good one :D

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More videos of trials please 

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I died only 2 times xoxo
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Nice skillsender

If you were good you'd be using your fingers on something more useful like PVE

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nice loser side

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ohh sheeeeet that movement blur hurt my eyes so much lol

 btw nice skillsender xDDDDD

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ganska bra video isaksson

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i can prove skillsender gm,  hmu and i tell you fast
Recent video.

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the fuuuuck is that quality lmaooooooo goood sht man brother

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BAQ squad sig inc
When you play the games of thrones, you win or die. There is no middle ground.