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Psy or wiz

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Who's better at PVp sage psy or demon wiz?
MERCER- 150 R8 Sage Psy
Vergel- 150 R8 Demon Mystic
Helller- 150 R8 Demon Wiz
Xehli- 150 R8 Demon Archer
AceVno- 150 R8 Demon Veno
Clressill- 150 Demon Assassin
Astrotic- 150 Cleric
And Counting.

Offline Devinate

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Neither, it depends on the person.
Devinate - 150 demon Assassin
seekies - 150 sage Seeker

Offline Archeus

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any class can be good if you know how to play them right
FuzzyPeanut - 150 Sage Barbarian
Spazz - 150 Demon Barbarian
Archeus - 150 Sage Archer
Mischievous - 150 Demon Blademaster
Switchblade - 145 Sage Seeker

Offline Darunia ஜ

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It's all dependent on you.  I've played both on the official servers (and refuse to play a psychic on this one) to end game* and while I loved playing both for different reasons, I favored my sage psychic more, even though I ended up missing my demon wiz .  Make both and see what you like more.

*Respective end games--my wizzie's end game was TT99; psychic's end game was R8/nirvana.  My reason for not playing a psychic on this server came long before I knew that their weapons couldn't be refined and soul skills can't go past 10.  Was just trying to avoid someone trying to say "hey, you don't wanna play a psychic because they're not as OP as on official"

Stay Classy.
Mikau - 150 Sage Archer (unofficially retired)
Darunia - 150 Demon Cleric (unoffical new main)
Catfish - 150 Sage Psy (main PK gal)
Phalanx - 150 Demon BM (because impulsive)

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Who's better at PVp sage psy or demon wiz?
up to your play style and what u want from your class u want for tw or only pk?

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Atari 150 wb
Villain 150 Sin
Rufio 150 Wizzzzz
Motion 150 Psy


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played both on both pwi and here, .. although my wiz has always been sage..

but yea.. as everyone has said,

depends on ur play style..

both fun to play in their own way.  personally, wiz is still more fun for TW for me, and maybe in 1v1's aswell.. but i prefer psy for mass pk, more fun on that for mass pk and 1v1s aswell i suppose.  ...    ofc. it'll be different for different people.

soooo upto you really :D  play a little of both and see what suits u best to decide :D
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