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Suggestions for balancing

Offline Breslin

  • Slayer
  • Characters: Breslin
  • Faction: Qualified
Alright everyone know we can't change genie in statut attack...  So Why don't we do that with all R8 gear + orna so can't switch When 1v1 or pvp 

Just keeping only weap can be switch 

+1 -1 let's see... 

Offline Kensou

  • nonfactor123psy
  • Characters: Kensou|Fentanyl|aAep
  • Faction: Кошмар
would be nice but i don't think that's possible to be coded o.o idk
i'd +1 tho. :D

Offline ๖ۣۜĐomgrath

  • Nightmare Berserker
  • www.youtube.com/domgrathpw Guides, Gameplay, Livestreams (Amy's property don't mad)
  • Characters: Đomgrath Nemesis Sauron
  • Faction: Artifex

Offline Ruby Rose

  • Best -99 instant cast WR
  • I can see if you're fail or not just by looking at your UI
  • Characters: Ruby__Rose , MizoreYuki
Ruby__Rose R8 ~ Demon Warrior
MizoreYuki ~ R8 Demon Mage

kitty stew

+1 and this:
He's working on that now.