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I really miss the old H B rules.... it is in my opinion that the event is now ruined and is controlled by apollumi they just decide which side they want to win then gank and sog everyone. Please go back to the old H B rules I am tired of getting sog by the same team its just not fun anymore. The old H B was at least fun this new rules in my opinion is a joke. -1 this new H B and +1 to bringing back the old H B.

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-1 where is your sense of adventure hue

Arabella best pocket heals guys!

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I don't like how faction controlled the event is now, it really ruins the fun of the event for everyone else who's attending on the server.

This coming from an Apollumi member.

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I agree mate. I now have to play with the realization that I may be backstabbed by same teammate. It completely defeats the point of even having teams.

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Heroic battle was legit my favorite event on EPW, A fun small scale PK guaranteed at least a few minutes of fun, then it happened....

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-1 I like it this way 

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+1 for Old Heroic Battle rules. I don't even bother going to HB anymore these days.




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+1 its boring having it be decided by who manages to get the biggest faction sig and what team most of them end up on, old rules required some dedication from gms but it was worth their time for such a fun event

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-1 I like it this way
+1 i like it this wat  

kitty stew

remove hb, add nw every day

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I honestly would like to hear what Agatio, or whoever came up with removing that rule, have to say about what their rationalization was when they thought of that.

Same crap happens in Kill the GM - even if it wasn't minimally enforced, why remove the "Don't PK" rule?
Back then it was only "accidental Novas/Aoe" where the GM(s) didn't and couldn't do much about it, and the only person I ever saw being killed by GM due to PKing - Allimentae, and even then he had to repeatedly go after other players and no one else, and when they kill him he claims it as his "strat".
Rules that are not enforced are still better than none at all.


Should just give us 100st, 5et and 200ec everytime we check in :-X

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