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farm for nolifer5

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I propose to introduce a farm for those who do not go outside
enter in 29, dungeon quest to give it 2 recraft for 1 day length of course it is necessary to strengthen the mobs and the boss and the calls were endless and to this dungeon takes 4-5 minutes of full-dressed party of 6 people!
with respect MC Kostyan

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1. Unlimited farming resource makes gateway for another economy collapse
2. With the current ways you can get enough pe and recraft stones 
3. Get a life, go outside, help an animal shelter
4. If the instance is too quick, people with absolutely no lives will spam it thus deepen the already existing gap between hobby player and nolife-hc-gamers.


the instance is long enough and hard enough (like FF/FC was for lvl 80-85 rainbow squads), 2 hours or so, people would have less motivation and more planning to do in order to get what they want. (I miss brainwork from gameplay, nowadays it's only repetitive hack-and-slash with FSP a miniature exception)

I'd like to hear other opinions though, this idea is something we can start a discussion with.


help an animal shelter

I approve this
or optionally play pokemonGO

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