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I heard you guys like pokemons
ok... its time to ruin it

Once i saw you i couldn't deny
As much beautiful as a Beautifly

Was too scared to try at first
Couldn't resist you were the Gourgeist

Raised in your way like a Bellsprout
Stopped you by and asked you out

Too bad i looked like a Psyduck
you replied NO WAY YOU SUCK

My.. My face went so yellow
If i suck then BITCH YOU SWELLOW

I.. i walked away disappointed and sad
So much feelings on me felt like Lotad

Girl you make such a GOOD CATCH
Too bad that we couldn't match

I remembered how was Oshawott and Piplup
It just needs time lets not to give up

I decided to make a chase
Followed you back to your SECRET BASE

You went into shower, dirty you
Opened the door a little to PEEK-AT-CHU

Ho-oh, look at these Jigglypuff
It just made my Wiggly-Tough

***!! i cant take it, my Bulba-Saur
But too late u finished and opening the door

Trying to hide behind any laundry bag
So embarrassing walking while my POLI-WAG

Already hid, looking at you like a Togepi
Aw you look so tired, exhausted and Celebi

Moved to you, but aww you already slept!!
I so wanted to talk with you, now im a mad Camerupt

Just by looking at you sleeping
It simply yet again Evolved my feeling

Well you are here, i am here too
I sooo want just TOgeKISS you

Your eyes, lips, cheeks.. your all
I'll have my chance, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL

I'll write you my number
so give me a call ;)
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I dont think I've cringed this hard in a while... holy ***ing shit.. other than that was actually funny nice story about stalking a girl 10/10
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............ word?

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i liked good work 

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Nothing new from you

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