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Disconnection issues

Offline Kensou

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this morning (around 00:00 server time) i tried to log in but I always get disconnected during the countdown even before my character shows up.  This proves for all of my accounts. Am I the only one having such issues or is everybody having them?  I haven't edited any of my client's files by the way except for the redownloaded .bat file, which I used last night with no issues.

GM's help would be appreciated.

Offline Yulia

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have not had this issue but I might not have been online in this specific moment, I have heard Agatio is working on having the host machine replaced if that re-assures you in any way?  :rolleyes:

Offline «Mitch»

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i once had this problem, try opening via patcher and try verifying your files, it solved the issue for me