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Slow patch?

Offline retsa1

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Is it just me or does everyone download the patch through the patcher slow as hell?

Offline Shay

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I download though the patcher no problems. Maybe your provider needs a kick in the ass. :P

Offline Solitaira

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Here are some things you can do to improve or determine issues with your download speeds.

Try an optimization program to improve settings on your browser and computer. Most of these programs resolve settings and improve download speeds by making changes specific to your operating system and Internet provider. An effective, free program is at www.speedguide.net .

Delete temporary files.

Clean unecessary files from your PC.

Try using a download manager, like ReGet ( www.reget.com ), instead of using your browser.

Go to DSLreports speed test page ( www.dslreports.com/stest ). If your actual speed is much slower than what is specified by your internet service provider, report the problem.

Good luck  :smiley:
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