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Okay guys i'm going out on a leg here but is it just me or is Agatio's forum profile picture a bit scary/creepy. Look at the light entering trough the window and then theres a little girl in a bride's dress and even more creepy is the fact that there is a lantern (or some other light giving device)... AT DAY TIME!!!

K i'm sorry Aga, but the purpose of this thread is that as the maker of this game, that picture indies a bit of fear and  in return respect wow....

P.S i can't seem to open the picture except the small forum part. (Yeah if its you in there, as from my description you can see i dont know :normal-11: )
I'm new here had a good amount of (super) strong characters on Perfect World International but felt as if they were 'farming us' so I Came here to a new community, hope we can all have fun together. *peace*

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