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Summer Screenshot Event

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Hello everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying your summertime so far~

All that you need to do for this event is take the best summer themed screenshot you can.
Upload your screenshot to imgur.com then paste the link here. Please keep it in a spoiler!

The participants will be judged based on how close to the theme they are, originality, and creativity.
Hint: Think outside the box! Festivals, summer nights, movies...

Rules/Important Information
♥ The screenshot does not have to include your character
♥ You can only upload one screenshot
♥ You can use slight filters but don't overdo it or it will not be accepted
♥ I would prefer it to be without text but text is allowed
♥ Keep the thread clean, off-topic will be deleted
♥ Once uploaded, you can edit your post if you come up with a better screenshot; but stick to the deadline

Subject to change
27th July 2016 00:00 Server time



This is NOT part of the screenshot contest, you do NOT have to do this

As a bonus challenge, I want to see the best in-game summer outfit you can create!
Upload a screenshot  of just your character (wearing the outfit ofcourse).
The background doesn't matter, just the outfit!

I'll be choosing just 6 winners for this. 3 male and 3 female.
The winner will receive 6 Event Tokens and 2 titles (Fashionista and Summer Child)

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your character looks like an overgrown baby, btw x i will edit with ss later
me and my homeboy penguin lord chilling on a hot day at crusty krab family reunion beach

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and best summer outfit

please bro i win

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Bonus Event:Summer Fashion

IGN: AkenoH
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#summer #beach #nofilter #noedit
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Bonus Challenge:
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- Men 150 EA -

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chooo chooo choo :police: 

(sorry, this is the only way i know how to post pics) bye  :police:
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and summer outfit> IGN: Xena. ^ no edits
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Just FYI, nothing extra used on the picture. And yes he has a body to die for :police:


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Party at hawaian tent with Grandstupid.

Thanks to Naive, Demonaa, Cacie and Almighty for help.

Ps: I added filters(Nothing too heavy), reduced img size and fixed some bugs that shows up ingame.

IGN: Freya
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IGN: Kiisa

And for the bonus event:

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Edit: Changed my Summer SS entry.
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what's the point of reserving
How can you not know that?
The thread obviously has a limited amount of replies available.

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