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Tarot Reading For Fun - Need Volunteers :)

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I voulenteer !!!
No need man I can tell you right now your past, present and future is bound by a wheelchair

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ow I'll try

me pls

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me pls i need guidance

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Why not, would be interesting if you're sitll willing to do this. 


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Me please , it's pretty awesome  ^-^
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Past - Seven of cups (reversed) - This suggests that you are or were at the time an optimistic person and that in your nature of optimism someone may have gotten the better of you. You may have given a person or a situation the benefit of the doubt and they let you down. The card reminds to always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
Present - Nine of Cups - This is a card of good fortune. It suggests satisfaction with your own little world. Good health. joy, merriment, new friends. The whole 9 yards. The only warning it gives is that you may be a little over enthusiastic in a social situation of some sort. But to me.....if people love you they won't mind the extra enthusiasm anyways.
Future - King of Swords - This card represents a strong man....pretty opinionated. May have some sort of position of authority. He's also supposed to be intelligent....this could be a new person coming into your life as a friend or acquaintance, possibly more. Or it may be a boy in your life growing to be a man and reaching a position of authority. You may help this man in someway intentionally or inadvertently.
Oooh some interesting points indeed.
Thank chu!

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I just saw this  ???
Try me please, if you have time.  :-[

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Getting ready to catch up on requests, looking at where I left off. I am still doing this, just had some stuff to do the last day or so :) I'll be catching up throughout today and tonight.

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Me, please! I think its always interesting to see your luck of the draw.  ^-^
Past - Strength - This card suggests the reader is strong, but they weren't "born like that" as Lady Gaga would sing xD. This is more of a "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." kind of strength. This might mean that through out your past you have looked to yourself for inner strength to get through the lemons life throws at you. You either make lemonade or you throw the lemons right back. This card can also represent that someone needs you to be their hero and that maybe you've been helping someone who doesn't know how to deal with life's lemons. This is a really positive card honestly, it represents a great strength of character :).

Present - The Star - :D This is also a super positive card. This is a foreshadowing that whatever goal you're working towards right now, you're going to reach it if you just stick to the path. This represents success and a fulfillment of hopes and dreams. If you've been stumbling this also serves as a reminder to just stick with it. Don't give up.

Future - Ace of Coins - This is also a card of good fortune. Things just seem to really be on your side. The Ace of Coins usually represents a sudden or unexpected monetary gain or some sort of material gain. Maybe you have a promotion coming up or if you don't have a job you'll secure one....I would never ever predict winning the lottery....but if one were to win a lottery, this is probably the card to predict it.

I wish I drew positive stuff like this all the time. I hope it really turns out this way for you, but remember this is just for fun and never expect anything to just come to you. Life is work. Like that Britney Spears video. Lol. But seriously I hope things go well for you :)
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what about me <3

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I'm game, read meeee.
Past - Eight of Swords - This isn't a card I like. I hate it when it comes up. This card represents a sort of bondage. I don't mean that kinky S&M stuff either. I mean feeling like you've been trapped in a cage by something or someone. This card shows a blinded woman in chains surrounded by 8 swords. It can represent disillusion and rapid hope loss in a situation. Since this is showing up in the past slot I hope this is past or isn't even true. (I'm not a fortune teller, I kinda hope I drew this wrong or something.) This card can represent illness or just general misfortune as well. In whatever situation it was, it also suggests that indecision could have made the situation worse. Usually someone feels trapped by some aspect of their life and they couldn't decide whether or not to leave so they just stay and take whatever abuse it is.  Sincerely hope this time is past for you.

Present - Knight of Cups - Hmmmm with the past card showing what it is.....I would this card this time as someone saving you from whatever situation you were in or at least helping you make a decision. Maybe some influence. Its like a friend or a lover stepped in and said "Hey, you don't have to deal with this. Let me help you." Usually represents a sensitive but strong and also inspired person. However this card could actually represent you yourself as well.....maybe you are stepping into someone's life yourself. In the matters of love this card would represent someone his is capable of intense, strong, and true love but they may be a little shy of commitment of first because they are scared of getting hurt.
Future - Seven of Swords - This card suggests possible dishonesty, theft, or someone who is unreliable within your circle or an acquaintance. However it also represents that some of the people around you are going to probably tell you about it because they are loyal and support. The card shows a young man with two swords in his right hand and 3 swords in his left with 2 swords stuck firmly in the ground by his feet. Maybe you'll have more people on your side than working against you. Whatever it is the card says there are still people you can trust. 
Hmmm I usually don't more than 1 sword.  Best of luck :)