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Hello, in order to keep balance and fairness in game, from now weapons with Armor Crush stones are no longer allowed. Everyone that has weapon with such stone will be asked to purge it. Players, who won't do it, will suffer further consequences.
thank you for update ^-^


Don´t know what is is, anybody tell me?

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Thank you baby.

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So, last time when AC was removed (from Dragon Dags) we got EC as reperation.
Guess we wont get anything now? o.o just wondering =)
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So, last time when AC was removed (from Dragon Dags) we got EC as reperation.
Guess we wont get anything now? o.o just wondering =)

You'll get another stone i think? W.T was saying that if im not wrong, not 100% sure though

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 :smiley: ok done StormFury help to purge my fist..and gave me new stone

thanks Storm,,the great kitty  :smiley:

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At first we did inded think about reimburse the players. Then in a later discussion, It was decided by the GM team, that players ad already enough advantage through all the month, that they had this stone in their weapon, so no compensation will be giveing.

Most of the players that had this stone are long time players, so getting onether stone is not really a issue in here.
The ones that are not old time players and have them, tbh and in my solo opinion if they had 1k EC to buy this weapon, they have 200 to put a new stone in it.
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
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I haven't been on in a while, but I'll remember to purge my weapons when I get on again. Thx for the update


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P.S, if anyone needs any type of Sacred Stones, pm me >.> bery chip ! tuu dolla !!
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nuuu my AC  :'(
but but but aga that is like the prove of the ppl who was here from the beggining like me!
:( ill miss it D:
i think ill put my weapon at my banker n make another one
i just dont want to lose that remember <3
i love this game n well... i dont want lose it

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THANK YOU EPW for ur hard working and Marry ***mass xDDDD just kidding marry Xmas lolz

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What about Pierce stones?
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pierce are allowed but they were removed...some peeps still have them