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What can be done regarding Fairy Tail and Queen (Sumor Camp)?

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Everyone skips the Fairy Tail world boss and the Queen boss in the Sumor Camp event when they'll happily go over King and the other world bosses, and there's a reason for that.

Death Knight doesn't bring too much. Decreased attack speed and increased channeling debuffs along with average lasting silences simply leave this boss at slightly annoying.

Hell Beast comes in, average boss all around. A silence or debuff here and there but normal business.

Apocalypse debuffs you with decreased maximum hp, increased damage taken and long stuns. You have to be more careful, but doable.

Vicious Crawler this time. Purges and more debuffs which also leave this boss at annoying, but still not too bad.

With King and Atlantean they buff themselves with massive defenses, both of which can be purged and thus countered, with Atlantean also debuffing the player with increased damage taken, and since you'll be sparking very, very often, it is also easily countered, just like any of the debuffs previously mentioned.

But then, there's the two bosses that everyone seems to skip, or instead soon regret they didn't. Fairy Tail and Queen.
What the hell is this even? It's like a sin with 300 000 000 hp was able to 6 spark for both the reduced damage taken and 5.00 aps, while simultaneously use an AoE version of cleric's sleep, as well as a bm's Roar of the Pride.
I'm the first to say that world bosses are meant to be a tough, squad thing. With the rewards as they are now, they seem adequate considering the fact that you can fairly duo it, but no way are these two bosses ever worth it.
The stun and sleep I could handle - all these bosses have something annoying about them - but bosses with the highest amount of annoyance and a damn 6 spark? What can you even do against it? Absolute Domain? Sutra Orb? Both have massively long cooldowns, and it hasn't been the first time that I see one of them 6 sparking quite a few times in a row and it won't be the last.

There's a reason why people don't do these two bosses, and in my opinion, it's pointless to have content that isn't being used.

My suggestion is completely scraping this kind of boss and getting in a new type to replace it, but ultimately I just hope something is done on two wasted opportunities. That said, there's challenging, which can be fun depending on how it's implemented, and there's annoying. Depending on tastes, people like challenging, but no one likes annoying.


Queen & Fairy tale are both manageable with PERFECTLY timed sparks (<15 frames).

kitty stew

only retards who want the easy road skip these bosses

its simple, bring a purger with you for it's aps, or bow the fucking boss.. when it wind shields itself

I used to solo FT with a full squad of sins before it was moved to Heaven/Hell, would have several sins doing aps, several sins doing purge bow

if I can do it on this many toons and just about never die/get wiped, surely anyone playing 1 or 2 toons can

1. boss windshields
2. step back with melees, get next to each other (so boss aoe knocks you all out of sleep)
3. switch to bow, bow boss until purge or buff wears off
4. switch back to melee wep, go back and melee again

god forbid there be any actual strategy to a boss than macro spark aps them to death
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I'm not even big on the whole pve wb scene but when I do em I never skip o.O I keep ep alt nearby and just puri the sleep off, and keep bp and kite when WS pops and hit with ep isnt that hard to do o.O
Ty for heads up it's time to do those bosses

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the *** is this?

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Let nearby mob hit you to wakeup sleep
Just take few steps back and hit with bow to purge

What you plant now, you will harvest later.

kitty stew

Let nearby mob hit you to wakeup sleep Just take few steps back and hit with bow to purge ...

have any ranged ppl grouped together (ie toons standing next to each other), when person with aggro gets hit (presume its melee, like a sin or barb) and obviously knocked out of sleep, step out of melee range between melee ppl and ranged ppl and boss will aoe everyone, knocking them from sleep

apocalypse is even easier.. when he is under 100m hp he will talk, do his aoe stuns.. so use tidal, a vac powder or anti-stun and debuff the *** out of him

when I was running these bosses all day for a few months (before they were moved to heaven/hell of course) I'd kill each of them in 1-3 mins (grouping them up and killing all 7 in 15 mins, so in 90 min spawn intervals would be 15 mins boss kills, 75 mins afk/fap/do other stuff)

for an ideal setup, let's say.. fairy tale, she doesn't sleep right away, does so either in a time interval or at half HP and below

I would go with 10 toon squad:
- 7 sins (all 3.33 full r8 or w/drag chest and 2x int wrists) and mire+ep+faith+ad
- 1 barb w/devour macro
- 1 aps bm w/hf macro (doesnt have to be aps just make sure bm keeps atking to get chi for hf)
- 1 aps archer using bv between 1st and 2nd hf

starting off fairy tale you want to get her debuffed, apsed, and hf'd right away.. if you do your timing right, that alone can take the boss down almost half in seconds

then when hf wears off (presuming demon hf) immediately bv, keep debuff macroing, miring, apsing, etc., then hf again when cooldown

if you're lucky you can take the boss down within 1-2 mins before she can sleep or aps (bout 50% of the time for me)

if sleep or aps have the person tanking (generally the most damaging, but boss does aggro switch) run back out of melee range, purge the boss

alternatively, can get on barb, ream, ad/expel, stop atk on alts, keep reaming, invoke, and tank her aps in invoke until purge/wears off

bunch of different strategies, obviously staying in melee range is gonna get pretty much any class killed, and people spread out is gonna mean a good chunk of ppl stay in sleep the entire fight, hence why grouping ppl near each other is a good idea