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Should the EPW leave the Carebear(PVE) state and become PVP?

Yes. (PVP)
28 (52.8%)
No. (Carebear)
25 (47.2%)

Total Members Voted: 45

Voting closed: June 28, 2016, 05:19 pm

EPW Referendum

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Should the EPW leave the Carebear(PVE) state and become PVP?

Should the server be inforced PVP after level 30? All the PVE areas are within instances/safezone where you'd be squaded and farming.

So leveling up places would not be affected since that is generally PVE(PV). 

The only ones affected are the botters farming EC, people who want to hide blue name and shit talk, people who want to drop steal, people who want to camp AOEs at quest bosses, people afk flying/afkrunning around the map, people on edates with their wifu's at some random location where a PKer happens upon them and then kills the happy hand-humpers, and trolls.

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Carebears keep it alive just as much as pvpers do.
I'd love it to be a pure pvp server though  :normal-1:
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+1 tired of those pesky blue names stealing my PVEEEEEEE drops, I mean how could they, the cheek they have to go up to me in blue name, completely invincible and just come and pick up MY HARD EARNED DROPS?!?!?!. And don't get me started on those edaters, as of joining tyrants its been pretty calm, but when I see losers like Zhake and Jeujeu together PVEING AND IN BLUE NAME WHILST TRASH TALKING MEEEE!?!?! and getting away with it I find it totally unacceptable. 

+101010101 to this post, remove blue name, remove those sly mothertrucking drop stealers, remove edaters like Alex and Candy  and save whats left of EPW. 

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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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kitty stew

-1 not like this is a democracy anyways 

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these hoes aint shit

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Are you okay? No wtf