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Little Bear Smiley set

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In PWI there was a smiley set called "Little Bear speaker", I reeally liked it. I think many people would like to use it in EpicPW too. Not sure if it's hard to put it in game or not, but if you could do it, that would be great = )
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IIRC, there are only so many containers that hold smileys, that's why we had to drop some other smileys for the new ones that came out.  :-[
There's a lot of smileys that could be implemented, but it all comes down to what's the most popular and the least popular, and what can we replace the least popular ones with?

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Could always make a Big poll with all smiley sets lol... and see what people really want and not

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yeah the bears were cuter then the dumb egghead ones lol  :)) :P :D

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Egghead smileys are creepy. D:

And I agree with the polling idea. c:

roses are red
violets are blue
omae wa mou shindeiru