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on a reasonable Notes to Nerf scripters tht everyone got tired/bored of even scripters themselves

and because GMs says they can't block script here's some idea's to make scripting less OP / ruing the game /people camping def on 1v1

1.Restricting the Vit Tome to 700 Vit or remove it no one need it tbh even vit barbs or change the +4% RpDT and make them something else tryhard scripters even script Tome or add another Tome with 4% RmDT to make it fair for both sides of tryhard scripters lmao
2.remove the RpDT from Dragon Chest  people mixing it with R8 for extra retarded def i mean wtf even Dragin HA chest has RpDT instead of RMdT ?
3. restrict the Dragon Cape to 650 Vit because tryhard scripters  even script this Cape
4. i would say restricting Ornaments to classes would be great idea (not sure ) if you think about it deaply that will lower the DEF and PVP will be faster by that i mean Phys Classes can only wear Pdeff ornaments and magical classes can only wear magDeff Neck/belt :-\
5.i think removing the RDT from R8 ( armor ) is a good idea but idk how to do that Zarak already made a pool about that
6.DEF wep is Literary Enough with +30 DEF lvls average / all people can reach 90-100 DEF  lvls  
7.about the Reduce Dmg Taken on R8 sets Bounse i don't see a need to remove them from barb's since barb the main tank class + has low mag def and no sutra basically die to ez to mag classes even in def set about WR's not sure since WRs who use Full R8 are only mass PK WR's we need  boost on R8 set aps - if you want to remove +12% RmDT from WR R8 set bonusyou have to add -int bonus+ -int to R8 Chest to make WRs 3.33 or 4.00 base on Full R8 just like sins
8.restrict Mdeff Rings from EA's always nerf the tryhard EA's scripters who go full magdeff rings vs Magic classes

If you have more ideA's please add them and comment with +1 on which points and -1 on which with reasons Thanks

#i won't bother reading what Seby gonna say because he is #1 scripter so yeah 
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-You can not add requirement of any kind to tome
-You can not remove stats from already existent gears because each item has received an ID already (r8 )
Do not mention a new set of gears because it would be too late and a rlly bad idea (would kill out existent community who spent resources in it)
-Dragon cape with defensive stats , id agree but there is this flaw : what cape would other ppl use then when they start. One way to make this happen if agatio plans on doing is to make Lunar cape u get with 4 golds easier to notice
-The suggestion with orns restriction would be extremely bad and would kill pvp ( read it again u'll see why)
-A wr would similar dmg and higher aps than sin would be "best class" due to its skillset so thats again a bad idea
R8 sets atm are there to not let people in atk mode get 1shoted
-def weapons are fine as they r, the problem isnt in weapons at all since u get more def from r8 def alone
- ea rings restriction will make ea extremely vulnerable to magic dmg in atk set (way too vulnerable) , if anything i guess ppl would rather want blessbox to go

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i swear this is that guy who had the picture of ned stark as his profile picture - cant remember name 

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And what happens to the undergeared / non scripters if you implement this? 

Lack of thought put into suggestion, almost as bad as saying skill senders overload database hence everyone is invisible.Lol.

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You are just horrible lmfao stop crying.