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who have suggestion to Nerfe veno ?

Offline Ti amo

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guys anyone have  good suggestion to Ner Veno's ??

some ideas where to
remove/Nerf the 0Pdeff
remove/Nerf Pets OP Def
Remove/Nerf the Chi burn
remove/nerf all the antistuns /reflect/ reduce dmg /foxform
Extend Purge's CD. it;s stupid how they spam purge

about the Mystic

Nerf soul absorb
Nerf the retarded DEF
Nerf the sleep duration

anyone have ides about how to make these 2 OP classes Balanced please give your ideas  
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Is your goal to make every other class useless except your own...? You've already asked to ruin 4/10 of the classes since you joined, what's next?
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Another stupid nerf thread.

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Not this shit again...

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Nerf the nerf threads, please.  :-[

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no need to touch any classes.

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I just want Absorb Soul nerfed a bit because everyone know the chances of a psy losing to mystic. The only class psys dont have balance with D:
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I agree +1
Also can we boost mg, I want that stealth leap they gave mages on pwi official

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Is your goal to make every other class useless except your own...? You've already asked to ruin 4/10 of the classes since you joined, what's next?
Hello, Frost. Long time no see. And yes. That does seem to be his goal. But I'll play along for a bit.

Here's my suggestion for Venos.

Don't touch my fox form unless you give me R8 HA.
Nerf pets if you want. Nerf Nova if you want.
We already lost phys rings. Fine by me. Hell. Extend Purge's CD.

But if you nerf us, give us a second craftable set of R8. A heavy set of R8. Give it a strength requirement of 420-425. And give us heavy armor. Then you can look at nerfing fox form.
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