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Need help with lvling up

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I am sin lvl 148 now and its too hard to lvl up i have done GV and it takes about 1 and half hour to finsh it and it gave me only 8%,Pv dont help at all and fc the same.

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Just farm GV and BH for EC and buy SLS ^_^

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if it was too easy everyone would get bored and stop playing the game lmao..if u want it bad enuff u can do it  :)) :rolleyes:

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I don't understand why people always QQ about not being able to level up or getting gears. Countless posts have been made about this. It really isn't that hard to get to 150, gear up, etc. Like 'firestorm01' said, if you really want to get something it's possible, lol. This server has countless ways to farm EC, level up, gear up, etc, so if you don't like one, that's fine; but if you don't like any, that's not anyone's problem.

Anyways, I suggest that you log an alt and squad with yourself. Then hit PV. As soon as you get close to the boss, reset, blah-blah. Don't forget to use [Training Esoterica's], which are amazing. If you are a sin, you could also do FC. PV is all about pulling the mobs, so if you aren't exactly tanky, FC is your remedy. And in those instances, you get a lil' EC. Once you have enough (yes, I know it will take "forever"), you can always buy [Super Level Scroll's] to finish your leveling up. And for really quick ways to get EC, there's always BH's, which you can drag your alts along on.

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I'm not being judgmental -- speaking only for myself and my playstyle.

I've never understood the all fire necessity for leveling up in a big hurry; I think perhaps it's a mindset endemic to those who've played a lot of non-MMO style games, where there's really nothing else to do except leveling and reaching endgame. Thereupon, the player tosses the game and moves onto something else.

Well crafted MMORPGs are supposed to offer us something else, namely a virtual world where our characters can exist. Unfortunately, many MMOs fall short, providing us little more than carrot-and-stick questing, lackluster PvP, and crafting systems that play more like an afterthought. Happily for us, Perfect World is one of the better MMOs with respect to content.

My main characters are currently hovering around 130, and I'm in no rush to move them along more quickly. I'm doing BHs and World Quests (WQ) to earn EC, and farming mats for gear they'll need later. I've also started three secondary alts with whom I do WQ exclusively -- completion of each WQ nets me 5 EC, that's 30 EC daily for little over an hour's time (two units of three alts doing WQ simultaneously). On average, Divines resulting from BH get me another 50-100 EC daily. When my mains finally do reach 150 I will have accumulated sufficient wealth to outfit them suitably. Were I to rush my process, I'd doubtless be among those complaining because there aren't enough ways to accumulate wealth. A major side benefit of my approach is that I'm not equipping new gear every 5-10 levels. I won't PvP till level 150, so the beginner's gear will do more than adequately till level 140. I do multibox, fight my alts as a unified weapons' system, thus having best-for-level gear is much less important.

I apologize if this sounds preachy, it wasn't meant to be more than a simple explanation of my longterm strategy. I enjoy coming to EPW each day, appreciate the no-pressure environment, and I'm quite content to take the slow and steady route.

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Just be happy you have something to do, other servers are all about here is your free shit, vote and we'll give you a cup of tea to go with it.
If you love something, set it free.

If it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it.
I have a 148 sin too, and a fair few alts, I've found other ways to gain a bit more xp.

World Quest
Crazy Stone in Morai Map
Doing Morai Dailies
Grinding on mobs at Shrine of Ancestors for EC
Running Frost

There's definitely more that I can't recall at the moment.

Granted it's not a lot of xp by some peoples standards, but I do them mainly for a change of scene so I'm not grinding pv/gv all day.  You gain EC as well as Frost mats which you can either use or sell.  I'm with Solitaria on this one, I feel no great urge to level all my toons to 150 in the blink of an eye.

If that's not fast enough for you :p then as retsa1 suggested, farm EC for the Super Level Scrolls :)

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If you cannot grind xp to 150 without having someone hold your hand, then you're going to have a lot of trouble grinding for everything else. Getting to 150 is only the beginning and if you honestly are unable to tough that out, then doing everything else will be near impossible for you.

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Through lvl 148 (to get to 149) you need 1 bill XP.
8% from GV means 16% daily if you do 2 GV's per day.
In 6 days it's 96%. (Plus some EC, Myst Tome Pages,
Old Book Pages and some coins.)

At lvl 149 you will need 2 bill XP to get to 150, so it's
another 13 days or so.

All together is easy going 19 days.

But doing just GV can be boring. You need something else.
PV, FC, BH and Divines, TM, Cube, Events, ... to fill inbetween.

Now disregard what I just said and think about what we
all really need:

Actually, you need people. And there they are, looking
for the very same things that you search for.


For me, this game is Multiplayer for a reason.
We are here to have good time together.
If "hard work" is not your idea of good time,
have other fun and do it slowly.

Find guild that has no intention to "win".
Small guild that has no plans in TW.
Some people to just have fun with.

Have nice time with them and your level
150 will come as "collateral damage".
Something that happens before you notice it.

Or at least before you thought it will happen.


Wife and I have our own small guild with small
group of good friends. I won't advertise it,
I will just say that such guilds exist, without
some kind of "propaganda".

We're happy and relaxed.
"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.