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The real FireLords is right here!

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We are FireLords if you want to join us in epw  or any future game.
FireLords guild rec any class ,level and we have base, we are best helpful guild for newbies on entire server!!!.

we have our own website join the facebook group to know more
we have our youtube channel
we are the original.

Note on side:
We have been told there was rumor that there imposters were using FireLords or any Lord name and a lot told us that it was a disbanded guild.
No we aren't them , we came from long journey after years of quiting the game from pwi and we had started to recruit people as any new guild again.
This guild had started in pwi long ago and we would like to try to revive it here in epw.
Why is it important so hard for us to reveal that we are real while they are fakers ? simply if someone use your name and mess your influence or good reputation in front of others , will you like it ? no of course.
Here are the imposters that we have found so far.
There are more imposters more than you imagine we have been joining many games . we have a cool name that why they wish to retrieve it any how and block us from using our beloved guild name
Those aren't the true FireLords if you notice they have added Z letter since we had created it in pwi which contain S letter that why they were hopeless and they had added Z so this is our proof.
Thanks all for understanding and for reading.
There will be update in future for this post due to the numbers of haters as you see.
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I see what can not others see

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boi if uon getcho
these hoes aint shit


My boys are OGs 

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Good luck with your faction

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