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Raving slash & Life Hunter

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1.Raving slash atm is erased along with headhunt in order to get Cursed Jail 
Headhunt is the prime stun that uses 2sparks
Merging it with RS into cursed jail makes it use 1spark everytime and makes it cancellable pre and during cast
Raving slash sage gives 10atk lvls boost for a period of 5seconds
Could the 5seconds be increased to 8-10
Its a gameplay tweak and lets sins do more than jst 3spark elimination etc or 3spark aps
I know its a boost in atk lvls but the skill already exists
Just wondering if it can be increased to give a use for it 
It would increase chi cost of sin since it uses chi already
It would not let sins get cursed jail (rlly op) alog with it so its quite balanced
Dont flame and such
I know the current state of sins and this would just help vs def campers
The suggestion has cons if ppl choose to use it (1.5sparks loss)

2.Increase life hunter cooldown to 4seconds and make the effect last 10-15 only(atm 1.4sec cd 30sec duration)
Leave -1 with a valid reason and not "sin op" since is clear that it aint anymore 
Not looking for drama , just opinions
Keep it clean please

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- for both no explanation needed

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most useless suggestion I've heard in a while

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