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3.33 APS + GoF

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So I've heard quite a few people, in game and on forums alike, complain about sins walking around with 3.33 APS and God of Frenzy. I personally haven't rolled this, but I'm genuinely curious: how is this more OP than 4 APS? 

Realistically, you're hitting double damage for 20% of your hits on average, right? Unless there's more to the math than what I'm doing in my head, that's 120% damage overall...which is about the same boost you get with 4 APS over 3.33...if you don't factor in the 5% hp drain from GoF, and the fact that 4 APS is more likely to proc any other stones you have in sooner, like Gloom, Quicken, etc. 

So, what's the verdict? Why do people complain about these sins in particular? Am I missing something? 
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doing 0.67hit more or dealing double dmg at one of the hits does more dmg? if im not wrong gloom stone proc with gof.
that being said,people should stop QQing about anything good a class has. from my pov in the end all of them will start QQing for buffing the chars back.

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bottom line is that with gof int u can deal harder damage, harder damage leads to faster nuke, lets say if i zerk 3 times in a row in my 3.33 and deal 10/15k per hit on an ea for example thats insta hiero, with 4apps in dragon wep lets say ofc u can hiero also but the chances arent as big, 2/4ks in 4apps can be prevented easily, kited or even given enemy more time to react while gof 3.33 sins can insta killwith out even ticking targets charm
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With seekers, bms and barbs, the difference between 3.33 gof and 4aps is hard to notice and completely relies on op amount of procs for gof. 
With LA/AA the difference is easily visible as they get hiero'd with 3.33 gof. 
Not really something to complain about since its so much easier to roll now but it is pretty annoying getting dropped in 3 seconds in rpk